Sadr gives Abadi deadline for the declaration of a "real" reforms and the position of the government of technocrats

Friday 25-03-2016 | 12:44:33

Twilight News / granted the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Friday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi deadline until tomorrow to make a "real and convincing" reforms and form a government of "technocrats", while the latter first threatened another pause, warned members of the House of Representatives who refuse upcoming reform package that they It would be "a lesson to those who take."

Sadr said in a speech read out his Friday sermon unified prayer in front of the Green Zone in Baghdad, the happiest of Nazareth, "I hope the prime minister to come out on Saturday new reforms convincing people about technocratic government ministers renewed," adding that it "must have the new ministers CNA people do not blocks jostling for survival. "

He pointed out that he "should pest to look at that in the case of a reform package logical and satisfactory to the Iraqi parliament, and did not reach the appropriate vote because of the vote of some deputies, it will not be but a diversion and a circular of the protests to be against anyone who did not vote of parliamentarians."

Sadr threatened on the lips of the Nazarene, saying that "the House of Representatives who abstain from voting, they will be (names and line broadband) lesson to those who take it."