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Reveal / balances News / final regulations made by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr after he completed the Committee of Experts mandated to choose candidates technocratic ministries names also reveal the distribution among the ministries, according to submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri. and noted in this version exclude a number of candidates, most notably Nasser Al-Ghannam, who was a candidate for the Ministry of Defence.

The distribution is as follows:

Ministry of Defense

The number of candidates: two

David morning Ajil Ajil Al Ramadan
Abdullah Khamis defensive

Ministry of Interior

The number of candidates: two

Tawfiq al-Yassiri Hammoud
Abdel Halim Kamal Fahim Farhood

Ministry of Water Resources

The number of candidates: two

Free Salam Hasan
Mazin Rashid slave

Ministry of Finance

The number of candidates: five

Nice Sami Mohammed
Abdul Sahib Najim Abid Saeed al-Jubouri
Obeid replace Freeh
Fadel Awad Ismail Alddhlmy
Ultra Ali Abdd apostle

The Ministry of Electricity

The number of candidates: two

Majid Mahdi Hantoush
Walid Khalid Issa Taha

Ministry of Justice

The number of candidates: four

Amin Mohammed Amin
Abdul Latif Abdul Latif Fame
Caesar Yahya Jaafar al-Rubaie
Mohammed Hussein Mohammed Ali Nasrallah

Ministry of Transportation

Number three candidates:

Abbas Jassim Abdullah Ahmad Tamimi
Atta Nabil Hussein Awni
Nihad Abdul Qader Ahmed Rasheed

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Number three candidates:

Khaled Hantoush Sagt Muhammadawi
Raed Isaac Matti
Aziz Ali Kadhim high

Oil Ministry

Number four candidates:

Thamer Abdul Hamid Oqaili
Hazim Sultan
Abdul-Mahdi al-Amidi, meaty Sen
Fadel Ali Osman al-Badran

The Ministry of Planning

Number two candidates:

Superficial Mohammad Reza inch
Ghazi Ibrahim Rahho

Ministry of Commerce

Number three candidates:

There overcome alert
Zuhair Javad Amin El-Fattal
Mahmoud Abdul-Jabbar Fattah

The Ministry of Industry

Number three candidates:

Umid Ahmed Mohamed Tk.
Maher Hammad Johan
Yahia Abdul-Amir Al-Dujaili

The ministry of communications

Number two candidates:

Mazen Abdul-Mahdi Heqr
Mohammed Adnan Mahmoud Oqaili

Ministry of Health

The number of candidates four:

Abdul Wahab Abdul Razzaq Kata Nazareth
Needless Alaa Hussein Mubarak
Emad Mohammed Hussein Mashat
Mohamed Rashad Ismail Jeweler

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Five the number of candidates:

Iyad Mohammed Bunyan
Haider Sbouka Afat Jurani
Khader Ali Kahlua Domla
Sharar Haydar al-Bayati
Ali Adnan Abdul-Hamid

Ministry Of Agriculture

The number of candidates four:

Alaa al-Hashimi Ghazi sticks
Ibrahim Shaaban el-Saadawi
Safe blessing Thuwaini
Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed al-Nuaimi

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The number of candidates four:

Abbas Kazim Khudair
Mohammed Hussein Mohsen al-Shami
Khadr Musleh al-Jubouri east
Muwaffaq Mehdi Abboud Al Hamoud

Ministry of Education

The number of candidates four:

Osama Abdul Rahman Al Noman league
Effectively blessing Zohaib Ali Attia
Mohammed Hassan snore
Muhammad Ali Fadhil al-Rubaie

The Ministry of Construction and Housing

Number three candidates:
Terzi digit Morocco
Ziad Ahmed Assem
Ali Mejbel virgins

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration

Five the number of candidates:

Said Khadr evened Alhmac
Abdel Hussein al-Hindawi
Ali Omar Khadr behind
Imad Saud al-Mohsen al-Shammari
William Khmu Rose

Ministry of Culture

The number of candidates four:

The memory of Imad Tawfiq Sarsam
Aqeel Mohammed Yusuf Mehdi crows
Fadhil Thamir Abdullah al-Rubaie, the guarantor
Telephone glorious Karkour

The Ministry of Higher education

The number of candidates four:

Saleh Ismail Najm al-Din
Ali Ismail Obaid Al-Shami
Ali Hatem Hassan Shamkhi
Nabil Kazem Abdul-Sahib

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