Higher Coordination calls for the convening of an emergency session of parliament and the introduction of fleeing from death to the capital

A commission "Supreme Coordination", on Thursday, that some people in Nineveh province and the district of Fallujah resorted to suicide to get rid of hunger, while the government has called for allowing citizens fleeing from death Login unconditionally for their capital.
Said commission spokesman Khaled Mafraji in a statement received / balances News / copy it, that "the suffering of our people in Mosul, Fallujah, Hawija and Sharqat increasing day after day, with millions of innocent prisoners, trapped and the terrorist organizations."
He Mafraji, that "this suffering has increased in recent months with the lack of an almost complete food and medicines, as well as increased mortality rate among children and the elderly, and more recently sought refuge in a number of them to think about committing suicide to get rid of hunger, and has already been cases of suicide in Mosul and Fallujah."
He Mafraji "We call on international organizations to the urgent and immediate intervention to save millions of people from certain death by entering the food and medicine to them, and we call on the Iraqi government to wash the shame bridge Bzez and control Razzazah allowing fleeing citizens from death Login unconditionally to the capital or other cities."
He called Mafraji parliament to "convene an emergency session to discuss the tragic situation of the people of these areas."