War: do you use Prime constitutional powers away from political quotas. ..!?

Date: Thursday, 24-03-2016 05:50 pm

Follow-up/Iraq today
Legal expert Tariq Harb remained only several hours after the deadline by which the requested Prime Minister of political blocs nominated names new Ministers, their conditions of technocrats, and notes: "
If the political blocs failed to take the required action to send names and never emulated Sadrists who sent names (several candidates) that would push the Prime Minister to exercise his constitutional powers specified in articles (76-86) of the Constitution and the unique identifying names bastisarha and wishes to introduce the subject to the Parliament and one from the Parliament vote to dismiss includes Ministers who Prime on exclusion and approve astizar candidates new allowances, topic becomes closed and be used constitutionally by the Prime Minister of his powers ".
War confirms that the majority of those present and not a majority number of members will accomplish this it says: "Note that the required majority on impeachment walastizar a simple majority of those present and majority are easy not a majority number of members so that the majority of the total members 165 members, while the majority of those present and if present are 200 101 member only and this is Prime can go and obtain approval of impeachment walastizar, political blocs will therefore be far from these procedures, especially the majority required for impeachment Walastizar Prime can lock away from the consent of other political blocs.