Labour claimed the first installment of the subsidy social protection early next April springboard

Date: Thursday, 24/03/2016 15:51

Follow-up / Iraq today
Announced social protection body under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, it will launch the first batch of subsidy social protection for 2016 early next April in Baghdad and the provinces. A spokesman for the social protection body Ammar Menem said: "
The Commission will launch the first batch of this year for all beneficiaries of the two categories (men and women) who happened statements and received the subsidy in the last installment with the three annexes of the Year "in 2015. He said:" the Commission has allocated the necessary funds for the launch of this payment to all beneficiaries in Baghdad and the provinces, "noting that "special installment of financial dues will be sent to the Bank of Iraq to complete the required procedures and configuration for grants under the old law." He explained: "the body of social protection and through the Departments of social protection of men and women continues to receive beneficiaries to update their data and register new addresses in order to facilitate the task of social science researchers. to visit families that changed their titles to ensure the continuation of the subsidy granted to the beneficiaries, "pointing out that:" the Board also continue to update beneficiaries areas that fall under state control data through the centers that have been opened in three provinces. Noteworthy that the social protection body under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs identified on 10.4.2016 as the date for the launch of the new inclusion of beneficiaries the law of social protection of the new No. 11 of 2014, which supports the standard poverty line as a basis to target poor families, as the Commission has decided to launch a subsidy protection for covered in Baghdad and the provinces every two months instead of three months.