Keywords: We have no concerns about the employees' salaries and cover the sales decline of the dollar by 50% for the current year

Date: Thursday, 24/03/2016 15:51

Iraq today / Sam Ahmed Jabbar
The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, on the Keywords, no worries to him regarding the coverage of employees 'salaries, noting that the Bank has granted the employees' salaries issue of great importance as the main supplier for this category.
Keywords and said: "We are a central bank we do not have to cover the necessary expenses, such as staff salaries and some other salary concerns." He added, Keywords, that "the bank is the closest to deal with the financial crisis and try all the direct and indirect means dam located in addressing the financial situation by the bank deficit buy remittances treasury. "and, that" the Bank has granted salary and necessary expenses planning a large and important as salaries are the source, who gets staff and supplier fundamental to this very large category and which drives the market, "stressing that" owning a bank the necessary means to deal with these cases and tools ".ufema terms of dollar selling by the Bank stressed Products: "the" rationing exists with the bank to sell the dollar during the auction conducted by where we started to cut these sales in 2015, which amounted to 25% compared to the previous year, "noting that" the year 2016 maybe we will reach this sales decrease by 40 to 50% from the previous year. "He continued Keywords, that" there is codification and gradual within certain procedures, because monetary policy can not follow the sudden policies, "adding that" the Bank of duty into account supply and demand the form in which there are no imbalances. "He added Keywords, that" the bank is focused on selling the dollar because all things imported and even the simple result of the lack of a production base covering demand, "and expressed hope that" leads the current crisis to correct these things by expanding the productive base of the country and which was attended by the bank through the launch of an important initiative to promote this sector through project financing and lending "is noteworthy that Iraq suffers from a major financial crisis as a result of lower oil prices, which impact on the overall budget for Iraq, which relies on oil by 95%, and raised fears among some of the government's inability to meet the basic expenses, including the salaries of employees in the coming months, which prompted the Iraqi government to attempt to put some of the bonds and get international loans to bridge this deficit