Judiciary: judgments in prison on bank employee of 20 years for the condemnation of embezzling 268 million dinars

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} ruled felonies Wasit province, was sentenced to 20 years on the Court of the Bank employee convicted of embezzling 268 million dinars.
A statement by the judiciary, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, that wisdom "handed down 10 years imprisonment each sentenced to an employee at the Agricultural Bank after being convicted of embezzling a sum of money."
The statement quoted the head of the resumption of Wasit Judge Ghaleb Amer Ahlgrebawi, saying that " the criminal court I looked lawsuit employee of the agricultural Bank is accused of embezzling 268 million dinars. "
He added that" all the evidence was sufficient to convict the accused of this crime , "noting that" the issuance of judgments by each and every one in prison for ten years. "
He pointed Gharbaoui that" the decision was made ​​in accordance with the second paragraph Article 315 of the Penal Code, and ensure oblige condemned re misappropriated funds ".anthy