Wasit make use of Singapore to the implementation of investment projects in the field of oil and gas

2016-03-24 23:15:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Wasit

The local government announced in the center, on Thursday, received the province and a delegation of senior investors from Singapore to discuss the overall investment opportunities in Wasit and how to take advantage of the implementation, as shown that those companies have shown interest in investing in the oil sector and the gas industry, confirmed the existence of great potential for the implementation of multiple investment projects by those companies in the province.

Said Director of Information in the Office of the province, Thamer al - Taie in an interview (range Press), " The governor of Wasit owner behind the valley met with a delegation of senior investors and owners of Singaporean companies to discuss the possibility of the implementation of investment projects in the province by those companies."

He said al - Tai, that " the talks focused on the possibility of investing Singaporean companies in the field of oil and gas through the gas investment associated with the extraction of oil and employed in various industrial processes , " stressing that "investors have shown great work in Wasit province , and investment in various other civilian sectors desire that the province has a lot of raw materials and raw materials used in various industries. "

Said al - Tai, that "local Wasit government will do its best to implement these projects by those companies after the completion of formal contracts with them and that will be governed by the consent of the Federal Court on that."

The Wasit province is one of the oil provinces and the two fields are working at the present time are Ahdab (30 km west of Kut) and field Badra (80 km east of Kut) and produce large amounts of associated oil gas extraction operations.