Citizen: we presented the resignation of our ministers and soon we will announce the formation of a reformist front

2016-03-24 21:07:32 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He confirmed the leadership of the coalition of citizen, on Thursday, providing the coalition of the three resignations of his ministers to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to decide on such requests rejection or acceptance , and to clarify the reasons, and while noting that the coalition will not be part of the "turf and pandemonium" movement led by al - Abadi, pointed out there are practical steps to begin the formation of a reformist front "cross-sectarian."

Said Fadi al - Shammari, said in an interview to the program ( the people and the Government) , which was broadcast channel term, said that " a coalition of citizens presented the resignations of three ministers (transport and oil, Youth and Sports), to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, and therefore a decision on those requests approval or rejection of the same stating the reasons so special , "he said , adding , " we do not accept to be part of the movement of prairie and pandemonium led by the prime minister. "

He said al - Shammari, said that "participation in the new government mechanisms will not be the way that we have adopted previously and it has to be that there would be a clear roadmap , one of the will determine our participation in or not , " noting that "if it was consistent with our software and our commitments we made ​​in front of the Iraqi people , we will enter in the composition of that government and that were not positive , we are shifting to the opposition and to exercise our role and parliamentary oversight in the House of Representatives. "

He Shammari, that "we started practical steps to form a block or reformist front and hope that this front will be cross-sectarian and meet on a common vision and a unified program and a paper donor University may parties that participate in this front that correspond to them and go out , " he said , adding that "there today the process steps on the floor of the House of Representatives and inside the political corridors in shaping the form of this front. "

The leader of the coalition of citizen that " the near future will witness the emergence of the light to the front if they completed their rings."