Urgent Joint Operations: edit Nineveh began three axes and we have accurate information about the enemy

{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Joint Special Operations Command, said the liberalization process of Nineveh, which began today, was launched from three axes, confirming possession of accurate intelligence on terrorist gangs.
A spokesman for the command of operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger Zubaidi, in a press statement, was to "cleanse a number of villages and raising the Iraqi flag these villages," adding "there is a large base of the Iraqi Air Force and Army Aviation and coalition aircraft and artillery to lead the band 15 and this victory is added to those victories achieved by the heroes of the armed forces. "
and the process starting axes, said the operation" was launched from three axes and achieved the desired objectives, clearing villages and control , "adding that the process" is still going on the first page. "
He pointed out that" the forces during offered destroyed three wheels bomb sites, and the headquarters of the command and control of terrorist gangs, and the large role that Iraqi intelligence toward the headquarters of the command and control , "pointing out that" what happened in targeting the headquarters of the leadership Daash at the University of Mosul by coalition aircraft and information intelligence and cooperation of the citizens, which led to the killing of mission and the destruction of its headquarters , to Daash leaders. "
He stressed that" citizens in all provinces and regions have a major role, there is an uprising and revolt against the terrorists and a large cooperation and operations carried out by young people and the tribes against the terrorist gangs, beating the headquarters of the command and control and cooperation in addition to reporting on the headquarters of the command, control and gatherings that have been immediately determine intelligence and strike the airline alliance led to the destruction of the headquarters as a whole. "
and cut Daash terrorist gangs in the areas of supply, al - Zubaidi explained in" military operations that took place was our work to isolate and cut off supply routes, and the process of security tribute and control of the forces and the popular crowd, cutting down terrorist gangs toward Mosul supply, as well as military operations are now being led by the island 's operations and the Task seventh infantry and control the leap laboratory and pieces destined for progress towards a leap and finish off the fight against terrorism and control of several areas , most recently Mohammadi and cut roads Daash supply, all of which led to a cut of supply and undermine the elements funding. "
With regard to the geographical nature in Nineveh and its impact on the troops moved to participate in the editorial process, al - Zubaidi , said:" We have enough information, plans and act accordingly and within the plans, they take into account the geographical nature of the land, and we are working according to a plan and supervised by the General commander of the armed forces The defense minister and the commander of joint operations, the work hard and continuously. "
Turning Zubaidi to the extension of the province of Nineveh to the axes of other operations such as Fallujah and elsewhere, and how to secure these areas to prevent penetration by terrorist gangs, stressing that" we have information and follow up intelligence minutes, the enemy is not now able to confrontation and what happened in the leadership of the band 15 days ago as the enemy tried to infiltrate the camp drunk , but he immediately targeted and killed five suicide bombers , "noting that" the enemy could not grab land or achieve victory ".