Technocrat Ministers end selection Committee functions and provide names for Abadi
2016-03-23 Baghdad balance news

The selection Committee ended the technocrat Ministers Tuesday, functions to choose the names of Ministers and submitted to the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi.
The House Member said Mehdi Hafedh, a statement/balance of news copy, a selection Committee of Ministers technocrats whose membership includes a good selection of experts, completed its task in the selection of Ministers alknokrat of cab for all ministries, "striking" the Committee provided the names of the Prime Minister, has been selected according to high professional standards.

Al-haafiz said, it "is expected to announce Al-Abbadi Ministerial composition over the next few days", stressing that "the Committee has been very consistent and completed its work with great professionalism and lack of any orientation, it was not subjected to any pressure."

And in between, "the Committee convene another meeting after Thursday, to choose independent chairpersons with the standards adopted in the selection of Ministers." finished 29/34