Agricultural and water investment accelerates the development process

3/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Farah pumice
Coinciding with the orientations of the government to revive the productive sectors to support the state treasury after the decline in crude oil prices globally, it called competent to attract investments in the agricultural sector to increase production allowing the export of several crops lacked its neighboring countries.
He urged Dr. Shammari waiting in the interview »morning« stakeholders to invest rising waters of the Tigris River and doubled water inventories for the country to revive the agricultural sector and attract foreign and domestic investment resources, as well as the continuation of government development plans.
She noted that the investment in the areas of agriculture and water resources to achieve economic feasibility supply the GDP, and contributes to the operation of labor, as well as to provide electrical power on a regular basis leads to activation of the mechanization of the country in all fields, as well as the achievement of self-sufficiency and export the surplus crops or Iraq is a «pioneering» them.
Under the comprehensive reform document announced by the Prime Minister's Office on 11 March on the current
«Activation of lending for industrial and agricultural projects and ensure secure banking efficient and professional departments for the success of lending policy and activating the role of supervising the lending program of the Higher Committee in terms of feasibility and follow-up implementation and confirm curriculum quick action and provide the facilities necessary studies to start the implementation of projects and the resolution to adopt the candidate projects for lending stomach set by the Ministry of Planning ».
She praised Shammari put short-term and feasible plans for the advancement of the agricultural sector and the preservation of water resources, stressing that he can then long-term strategies that determine the future of the advantage of the country's identity mode.
Shammari also urged the ministries and government departments concerned with the importance of finding fast processors to attract investment, and reclamation of agricultural land, as well as preservation of water resources, through optimally exploited, describing it back significant results to the country.
And the Ministry of Water Resources predicted rise in stock of the country's water to 30 billion m 3 early next month of June, normally the current season, the best in terms of water revenue, at a time when the Ministry of Agriculture revealed the increase plan farm this year in some provinces after an increase in water levels.