Eliminate reveals his steps to combat corruption

Eliminate reveals his steps to counter corruption public prosecutor 's office accused the inspectors of delaying the completion of administrative investigations


Public Prosecution accused the inspectors ' offices to delay the completion of administrative investigations

Union: The federal judiciary announced on Tuesday that the organization of 726 arrest warrants against fugitives accused of corruption and sent to the International Police for the purpose of prosecution, confirmed judges specialize integrity and economic crimes, the investigation is accused of terrorism financing companies.
The judges confirmed in a press conference held by the presidency to resume Rusafa follow new mechanisms to speed up the resolution of corruption cases, as revealed on the number of cases completed recently and made ​​it clear that senior officials were convicted and subjected to trial.
According to Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman for the judiciary to "form a committee of senior judges to speed up the completion of the federal judiciary code currently in the House Rules in collaboration with the Legal Committee of Parliament", and pointed out that "Entries are laws; judicial organization and supervision of the judiciary and the Supreme Judicial Council and Administration General judicial authority the Supreme Federal Court. "
In another matter Birqadr Speaking to reporters that " the public prosecutor 726 systems warrant sending to the international police have not been implemented yet , although the 163 defendants in this Marovo places in the states added the issues."
For its part the Legal Adviser reinstated in the public prosecutor Faten Mohsen Hadi delay in resolving corruption cases to "delay the completion of the administrative investigations by inspectors general and departments of legal institutions , offices and delayed BSA reports and the slow answer circles about the value of the losses sustained" as Hadi revealed a "hold close meeting comprising judges of integrity and the presidency of the public prosecution Service and the investigations of the integrity Commission and the financial Inspection Office and the offices of the inspectors and the chairman of the parliamentary integrity Commission to put speed up the resolution of the files of corruption according to law mechanisms , "said Hadi said that" most of the files that announce forwarded to eliminate it corruption charges merely for being a minor infractions do not conform to the integrity Commission Act. "
In turn, draws the judge Jassim Mohammed Aboud Prime resumption of Rusafa to the lack of preventive measures to save public money, and confirms the "lack of real mechanisms to tackle corruption before the occurrence of the crime" and as pointed out that "most of the cases of corruption in government contracts", he stressed that " the judiciary is not neglected any complaint before him move and performed in accordance with law. "
Iyad Muhsin ligature money laundering and economic crime in Baghdad , the judge revealed that his court check "with 37 companies transform Mali has dealings with hot spots on charges of financing terrorism" and completed ligature Speaking at a press conference that "some of the defendants were arrested, but the others were fugitives still ".
And the proportions of completed corruption cases recently, the first judge of the court of inquiry integrity in Baghdad , Mohammed Salman said that his court resolved the "3298 issue of investigative related to corruption over the past year and 611 cases since the beginning of this year."
As Judge Jumaa al - Saadi Prime Criminal Integrity reported that his court accomplished "103 cases during the current year and 642 last year," and that "some of them related to senior officials and most of the decisions have been ratification of the Federal Court of Cassation."
In turn, Radi Fartusi misdemeanor court judge in Baghdad confirmed the integrity monitor his court "irregularities in the work of 28 banks waged , " pointing out that " the elimination of forced it to pay what amounts Bzmtha timetables with fines beginning of last year."