The Presidency of the Parliament calls on Iran to take advantage of economic experiments adoption of alternative sources of oil

Wednesday 23-03-2016 | 10:35:43

Twilight News / she called on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi on Wednesday to make use of Iran's experiences that have been successful adoption of alternatives in sectors other than oil in the development and support the economy.

This came during a meeting in his office in Baghdad Head of Strategic Council for Foreign Relations in Iran, Kamal Kharrazi and his accompanying delegation, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Hamoudi.

The statement quoted Hammoud as saying that "the site of Iraq and diversity of population and culture an important role in the stability and coexistence of peoples and nations of the region."

He pointed to the importance of benefiting from the success of the economic experiences of Iran, particularly with regard to its reliance on alternative sources of oil in the area of ​​rural and poor areas development, "stressing" his way in earnest and not wasting time through his initiative supporting local products to activate the sectors and projects production of non-oil and investment opportunities and expertise available and possibilities So".

He also said Hammoudi said that "the popular mobilized gave a clear message, beyond any doubt, that the people are capable of protecting the country, noting that most of the depressions terrorist gangs were demolished by his heroes."

And the price, as in the statement "Iran's role and standing with Iraq since the fall of the former regime to face down Daash," and expressed "hope to consolidate the prospects of cooperation between the two neighbors and unify efforts in the eradication of terrorism."

For his part, Kharrazi parking Iran with Iraq, and expressed his country's keenness to strengthen relations in all fields.

Kharrazi said that "the unification of the ranks of the sons of the same country, a key reason for the resolution of the confrontation with the enemy and dismiss the internal problems and this is what happened in Iran."