Oil Minister: early next month we will issue a second shipment of gas derivatives

Published in: 0:44, March 23, 2016

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Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said Iraq early next month will be released the second shipment of gas derivatives, stressing "We control 55% of the associated gas to extract him various derivatives of free gas."

Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received (Opinion International) copy of it on "I received over the past few days, a lot of blessings and congratulations on the occasion of the first shipment of gas derivatives {natural gas}, which will be followed, of course, another shipment early next month, and so on successively .. being to create stocks and shipments of liquid LPG gas in preparation also for export. The truth is that congratulations should be directed to the cadres of the ministry of the workers and associates and cadres of high and agent gas and the rest of the agents and managers, companies and especially Basra Gas Company, including our partners, "Shell" and "Metsobuchi" .. but that congratulations should be directed to those who preceded us in the responsibility. This is a collective effort and large he was able to step a first step, but quality, to overcome the historical dilemma suffered by Iraq long .. It is this great wastage of wealth on one hand. "
He continued, "On the other hand the devastation caused by the burning of gas to the environment and public health and increase global warming affecting the natural cosmic all rates, in addition to what it means gas investment to diversify the country's imports, not exports gas only, but by providing more and more of the power generation and transportation uses and home heating, but also it could be used for cooling .. well used for many and varied industries, capable of firing on its own if it achieved a real renaissance in various industrial and agricultural fields Kalsnaat petrochemical and industrial subdivisions, and fertilizer industries and agricultural impacts, and so on. "
He added, "We started the countdown .. we burn 100% of associated gas at oil extraction .. in the known process where gas separation, crude oil refineries and export to send. The process of burning gas, after his dismissal, it is cheaper and easier, as it requires the collection of gas from each well and the field and transported to where it can be handled large sums of money, and the decisions are not only economic but also political strategy. Today we started fortifying ourselves, so that we no longer think about the extraction of oil without thinking about investing gas with him .. From this point of burning the proportion fell to 45%, meaning that we are in control of 55% of the associated gas to extract him various derivatives of free gas, which occupy today dozens electric power stations, and the fluid that Enabih in bottles for home use natural gas, which is used to run cars instead of gasoline, ethane for petrochemical Industries and methane fertilizer Industries, and many others. "
And "So we will continue to reduce the burning rates and maximize gas resources Almtotah of associated gas .... Oil and gas today constitute 50% of the energy used in the world sources .. and Iraq possesses Monday, and the ability and strength to him .. but some of the theses in the gas, which was held at the top Tehran recently saw that pairing oil and gas investment will mean a better investment that allows the oil to be more environmentally friendly and in excess of its competitiveness and its uses factors. "
And he finished by saying "all of the above is a positive and optimistic vision. The other vision, the only associated gas dependence necessarily mean a restriction and a ceiling specified .. Even if we invested all the associated gas, we will not get at current rates of oil production only on the 3000 Mqmq {million standard cubic feet} .. even if oil production rose in the next decade to 6-7 M.b.a the amount of gas that can be extracted will not exceed 4000-5000 Mqmq .. this is great progress, but progress is limited and the roof and Atye does not make Iraq a gas are developed. " .
He concluded by saying, "From here the importance of the ongoing efforts in cooperation with our partners to develop a comprehensive plan {Master plan} for the whole country, to achieve the highest investment and less waste .. More importantly, we start a broad process to invest in" free gas ", which constitutes 25% {32.7 trillion / ft / cubic} of the total gas reserves we have, and which we expect to rise with the new exploration .. note that our ability to invest in free gas will become increasingly were not for the security situation in both the "hard up" and "Mansuriyah" and others. "is over