Ages discussing with the World Bank's restructuring of the ministry of public companies

Economy - BAGHDAD / justice - 1:20 - 23/03/2016 - Hits: 19

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and public municipalities Aestbrq Ibrahim thorns, with a representative of the World Bank Group project restructuring state-owned enterprises as part of a loan from the World Bank for the Iraqi government and the follow-up actions taken by it in the field of economic and administrative reform and evaluated to develop a clear vision about the prospects Almstqubla.waodh cooperation thorns in a press release, "said the ministry has been a pioneer in taking restructuring programs through the use of international advisory institutions discreet in this area and transmitted its process of evaluating the assets of the ministry companies and number eight public companies Contracting Alanchaiah.oadav he" has an inventory of resources, human and material, and the preparation of corporate process integrated database and put options as part of a restructuring, whether to keep them that was a profitable company or merge them and solve them or turn them into joint stock companies and by-case basis based on the privacy of the executive functions of the formations of the ministry which is different from the nature of the ministries and other public companies as an executive companies for construction projects ". "The achievement of economic and administrative reform in collaboration with the World Bank Group will be across Central Committee, headed by Minister of Industry and Minerals to put through its specific objectives map from which to determine the tasks and the distribution of responsibilities to the concerned authorities in each ministry, including not affect the workers in these companies."