An invitation to open to the public for the activation of indirect investment

3/22/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
at a time when Iraq Stock Exchange has renewed its emphasis on the establishment of a workshop and special annual ceremony trading mail in the advertised date, between academic economic necessity of opening up of the stock market more widely to the public to raise awareness on the subject of indirect investment to support the economy.

A economic academic Dr. Majid Baidhani: the «next economic phase requires increased trading activity in the securities of the Iraqi market, which is raising the level of public awareness and clarify the idea of indirect investment equity for companies listed and traded on the Iraq Stock Exchange.» experience and expertise and indicated in an interview with

« Sabah »to the existence of a slice of citizens familiar with the mechanisms of the sale and purchase and conclude contracts and trading by continuing to attend five meetings of the market or through constant communication with financial intermediaries who take the task of dealmaking in agreement with them on their behalf. the Iraq Stock Exchange announced earlier intention to set up a workshop in the twenty - third of the month of April under the title «electronic trading role and rules for securities Iraqi market in a revitalization of investment». this comes at a time when the stock market seeking to play their role in the local economy and discuss efforts to strengthen the role of the private sector companies to contribute to gross domestic product and support Iraq 's economy.

the role companies explained Baidhani important to take a private - sector companies active role in the national economy by offering its shares for trading , and those companies have as much responsibility to provide various services to the public, in addition to its keenness to be bound by the criteria of transparency and disclosure , which promise two pillars in circulation and earn the public 's trust. He called on those in charge of the market to find ways to make advancement by the stock market, it is the most prominent indirect investment markets in the country through greater openness to the public, especially that there are good number by foreign traders «company and sellers» in the market they are trading - mail from within their own countries and holding daily deals they bring profits.

the workshop axes A source in the Iraq Stock Exchange has stated »Sabah» that the workshop, which will be held in the Baghdad Hotel bows Hall, will include the establishment of five presentations or axes looking at ways to invest in the securities sector development, where will premiere eating seeing Iraq Stock Exchange, and the second technological development and future plans, deals with the third presentation proposals investment securities attraction. he said that he will be during the workshop launch discussions and proposals aimed to develop investment in the securities sector and discuss the most prominent ways to advance own reality.

he pointed out that on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the launch of the electronic trading system will be the opening of the exhibition of information and display products joint - stock companies, which will be held during the workshop which will allow to meet investors and communicate with them and look at the indicators and achievements of the companies to Besides her future plans. market index saw yesterday the first session Sunday Akedza stock index green «high» to 2.33 percent to 13.71 points.

Was trading 3 billion and 574 million and 526 thousand and 176 shares valued at 827 million and 188 thousand and 58 dinars, achieved through the implementation of 456 contract traded. Have been trading shares of 39 companies out of 98 companies listed in the market shares of 21 companies , including and the price of shares of 9 companies another, while preserving the nine companies on the prices of shares.

the Iraq stock Exchange consists of 98 listed company with a total capitalization of more than 8 trillion shares representing banking , including sector 5 trillion shares and thus the most sector be traded and 65 percent of the total shares traded Daily.

And it regulates the Iraq Stock Exchange five weekly trading sessions from Sunday to Thursday.