In favour: Central Bank dollar reserves of up to 60 billion dollars
March 22, 2016 5 0


Mohammad Saleh appearance denied economic advisor to Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to the CBI is facing bankruptcy.

Saleh said in a statement obtained by the news agency for our economy, "the Central Bank's strong financial foundation is not bankrupt, owns and reserves and monetary policies has a vision and drawn boundaries and plans of running."

He added that "our dollar towards $ 60 billion or so and not what is rumored as the limits of 40 billion for the Bank sells and buys the dollar once it buys the Government foreign currency is the dinar acted against this purchase so the Bank has score balance at sale and purchase.

Saleh attributed the sales decline to the Central Bank for the dollar recently to "weak demand on the dollar because of the decline and reduction in government spending."

And that "Government operating budget almost faded away except for salaries and wages and some expenses are necessary and these were popular on any currency market spending in the dinar would turn on request of foreign currency, because economic activity is low and this reflected gradually over Central Bank sales to lack sufficient purchasing power or limited these key factors behind the decline in sales of the Bank".

Abbadi Adviser noted that "talk about Central Bank policy to bankruptcy are not only rumors designed to capture the Iraqi economy."