Diaa al-Asadi: critics fear the demonstrations on their gains and the government's policies to paint a "Altvatin." The current state is seeking civil

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Diaa al-Asadi: critics fear the demonstrations on their gains and the government's policies to paint a "Altvatin." The current state is seeking civil

Tomb Zia al-Asadi Chairman of the Liberal bloc in Parliament, political body of the Sadrist movement through dialogue with the media Ali Wajih confirmed and clearly on a number of issues, including the storming of the Green Zone, the secularists and civilians from the Sadr movement and concerns, and shifts Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr himself.

Let's start from the moment, why after the sit-ins?

- Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr and a clear program, which includes the deliberate steps, and gradually trying escalation attitude toward the moment of the peak, but you ask me, "What is the moment of peak?", The fact that I do not know, but certainly Mr. Sadr has a plan ready to accommodate the situation, and then sit there noted by Mr. al-Sadr as a "practice amazed the world and observers," and I think that the beginning of the demonstrations and the way management has been impressive of all, with regard to the size of the demonstration, and manage the crowds, and the slogans and demands, all this was remarkable, while many were betting that the Sadrists will not be able to control this crowd and managing people's emotions in a systematic manner, so that determines the logos, images and demands.

After the demonstrations required by turning to mobility stage sit-ins, sit-ins and this we have seen highly disciplined and mature way to practice democracy, and the post-ins surely there are many practices constitutional and moral legitimacy and will be conducted by the demonstrators, and will have a major impact.

what it considered Houdrtk tuft positive, I mean the size of the demonstration, the same as others considered as a lock negative, and they spoke of the "emotional public" who "is not the mentality of his value," but that some described as "non-conscious audience," arguing that they "I did not go out for their interests, and they went out to appeal political leader?"

- Who said anything negative emotion? Passion people respected and ability, but the "unconscious" Here you need to pause, one can not move the millions they Mnmon magnetically, like someone who had lost consciousness, and note that the masses are not devoid of control, some may discuss and argue that this "false consciousness," he says Marxists, and religious consciousness bossy on people's minds, which controls them, but in general I accept the proverb "passion", because it is a passion which many mental value at the same time, and because the fans came because they are living in a state of dengue, and you need to hope, the people are related to hope, and provided The commander, or a motionless mass, or gesture, or Savior, and signs of hope that came from the fields of a man who knows what works and has experience and practice, was directing people in a rational way, and stems from the planned program and the time limits, and where feasible, it is not impossible for a program.

Ok, what do you think the reason for the launch of these views?

- Those who criticize and fear to have a sense of competition, and that they have a win-win situation are afraid it might Sakhosrunh, a political gain, especially since the parties and figures who dangled the possibility that these crowds of demonstrators confusing situation in Baghdad, in terms of disabled state institutions, and generally understand these concerns, but that all reactions turn into fear, this is not justified in my opinion, this is a crisis in and try to exaggeration, the people of Iraq, they have a rational demands and all true and not a problem, this is not the demands of the Sadrists or civilians, but are the demands of society as a whole.

(Al-Sadr and the Sadrists reform before the Government Reform)

Is not it logical to ask: How Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr to go to Tahrir Square, while in his movement a dozen ministers and deputy managers and procurators? Especially that those who raised them continuously ado, was it not better to start an internal reform before thinking about reforming government?

- I think that there are flaws in the ways of thinking, and this situation caused by the lack of logic of the curriculum, so I grew up most of the members of the community on ways of thinking are sometimes unable to positions analysis, objection that always repeats is how involved the Sadrist movement in the government of then criticizes ? It's like you inhabit a house and you have objections to the size of the room or arrangement.

We are part of the government, but it is said that we accept all the government? The problem is not in the interception of the Sadrist movement on some of the work of the government, the real problem is in the installation of the recipient's, the trend is very logical to say, is part of the government, and they participated, for many reasons, and object if they felt the government stepped down a wrong turn, but we have to ask : Do you object just to talk or complain? Of course not, it is almost Sadrist only party that believes in cash and self-criticism, and the correct path, and recognize the mistake, and as everyone knows, at a time when the previous government complained of inability to work certain ministerial cabin withdrawal of the Sadrist movement and his ministers, at a time the government said we want to hold amendments allowed the power to sack the deputy prime minister, a political maturity, and now we say: Our ministers at the disposal of the Prime Minister can remove them by the time he deems appropriate.

Sayyed said: We do not want to be part of the next government, we are fighting for a course correction. Even so it is presented to the trend in more than one stage that they have a prime minister, but refused to mainstream, because we do not want criticism for benefits or obtain a benefit, in order to criticize the correction.

(Green and storm the timing of chest unpredictable)

Time timings between the statements issued by Mr. al-Sadr, then nature: calm and escalation against the government, sometimes seem incomprehensible to the recipient, Sayyed called for a demonstration in front of the Green Zone, then calmed the situation returns demonstrations to Tahrir Square, and then suddenly decided to transfer the demonstrations to sit-ins .. what your analysis?

- Mr. Sadr think the mentality of the vehicle, he thinks the mentality of the legitimacy of a dominant mentality that relies on the concept of halal and haram, and also thinking within the "social mind" which is the people's interests, and "political mind" which is not far from the politicians and tensile attractions, there are also " mind private and public interests. "

This mentality goal embodiment of words on the ground, and this is what is called Mr. demonstration on the green doors, so as to exert tremendous pressure on the government, for a change, and brought the masses mission that it can stand on its green doors shall not exceed these limits, meaning it is disciplined and respect the existence of the state It is adopted, we do not want to topple the state.

Later got messages that the public can have their Mendson or views is not satisfied with the movement, as well as a complaint with the state institutions and daily life in these areas, Mr. Fry "pay tax the first to bring benefit," as in the maxim, eight Abadi responded to demonstrations this, he said, that he has a program that will be presented after a week, came the calm after responding to give D.alebadi leeway.

Sayyed wanted to deliver a message and delivers, and fans also know that green within the reach of her hands, and able to enter, but not the entry form destruction, who warns him some, this is not our goal and the goal of the masses, but the Green Zone, symbol of the state and the system and we want to put pressure on him to change .

Do considering breaking into the Green Zone as a realistic option? In the political body?

- There is a separation between the political authority and political work being done and the demonstrations administration, we do not decide this is because our work is political - media purely, either administration demonstrations direct Valmcharf it is Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, as well as other committees, but has a high coordination with the civil movement and forces security, not coordinated logistically, but there consult and to inform the mutual positions.

(Karbala meeting: angry man on the Shiite House table)

What gave Karbala meeting? What are the consequences?

- I say it and I'm comfortable with, the problem of Iraq does not solve the meetings, the problem need to be a specialist, and an action plan, because it is not a problem between the two clans, we have the problem of nation-building and state-building science taught in universities, and even correct the problem must bring people experts, but political leaders so that each imagines that he can solve the problems of the country, speaks seen and known about us We are a nation consume a lot of talk, and we come in the next day, do not we apply this talk, all over the world begin their meetings in accordance with the discussion and action plan, but that does not happen in our meetings, in addition to the we go out without a plan of action, and in general there is a flaw in policy-making in this country, paint "Baltvatin" and comes after drinking coffee, and this is a problem ruined the country.

The Karbala meeting is a meeting just like any other meetings, characteristic is the presence of Mr. Sadr, before this did not attend these meetings and their counterparts, which is attended to cast the argument to the National Alliance, and listen to them, and clear that the meeting disappointed, and at a time when the political blocs is pinning its hopes on the National Alliance, We note that it is unable to produce.

(Circuit Shiite conflict - Shia)

There are views that the absence of the Sunni and Kurdish sounds, on the problem of reform movement in Tahrir Square, is because they see this movement, the pressure being done by Mr. al-Sadr and the Sadrist movement is a Shiite - Shiite conflict, specifically: my chest - the Dawa Party?

- I can not imagine that, but sectarian issue cast a shadow over everything and everyone started looking for analyzing anything along sectarian Jnepth, so that there became a political dispute, the focus will shift to this approach, or national approach, on the other level.

All differences attracts a sectarian, and what is happening now is not unlike a Shiite - Shiite, and the evidence that the citizen various religious terms of reference, either Najaf or Iran, does not care about what is happening in the corridors of political, nor cares, which is not interested in Are attend this party or that election, because citizen rights group wants only enjoyed decent life like the rest of the world.

The parties, analysts and journalists, they are trying to return to identity all the differences, but we can analyze this dispute to the parties: the capacity and efficiency, and the lack of capacity and efficiency, and can Nasimhma: rational thinking and absence.

Political generation post-2003 is still in dire straits generation can not think outside of the concepts of "community" and "share" and "division" and "office" and "Why do I get" and "What will get it," external and internal conspiracies, lives in crises in a row, we need a generation that believes that these crises can be turned into opportunities provided they deal with it in a rational way, and this needs to be a long time.

What is happening today is a disagreement between the mind and the absence of reason, quite simply.

(Secular fears of chest control)

Civilians and secularists split after you enter Tahrir Square, there are those who believe that it is necessary to invest rib momentum toward reform process, while there was a secular "Hanbalis" If true, the label, have expressed fears that the practice of protest, along with a common political point of governance, and it has a religious dimension, and the date spiny some details, such as the Sadr movement ..

- In every intellectual trend there are left and right and are moderates, we appreciate that there are fears of the Islamic movement in general and the rib in particular, and this is not the origin innocent that Sadrist religious stream of thought, when dominates the political and social work administration will devote religious thought, because this Contrary to what you believe in civil blocks, but I think the intellectual problem in its basis, and in general the world change and do not think as he was thinking of Karl Marx that "religion the opium of the people", we have today, "neo-Marxists" who emerged after the Frankfurt School, where they believe that religion is the farthest of the church and the mosque, it can be an active and influential socially, this central region, religion creates a space-year-old could be where religious meet with atheists and Islamists with civil currents, this secular conception sophisticated than it was a tradition with him, and the civilians should be aware that the exclusion of religion process society impossible process.

Do not imagine that the problem of civilian and secular is with religion, or the presence of religion, because these civilians themselves did not criticize the religious aspects of Magdy Rady occur in Iraq, they have shapes can Ol_khash this question: What will the Sadrists in Baghdad in the next stage?

- Sadrist movement stems from an ideological perspective, a school belonging to the "velayat-e faqih," one way or another, because of the Martyr second state he believed the cleric on society, but now Metbinat Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr in terms of building the state vary.

AC has a central idea depends on it: the state of divine justice, are the focus of the movement set up by Imam Mahdi (Allah hasten his reappearance), Hristit sees the current need for there to be a just state, which is among the Sadrists carried out by Imam Mahdi (aj), while carried out by the civilians, for example, fair government, when many theorists in the world they call it the "global government", and as long as the current believes that this is the goal, then the configuration of this state in accordance with the fair foundations, and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr said Iraq can not be governed by a religious state, civil and state is the only solution, do you mean that the movement out of ideological frameworks? No, how? It adopts the approach call "in the best manner," Sadr and the Sadr offers these models because he believes in it, not because it's flattering civil power, Sadr wants a society where justice prevails and the law, then: Is it designed to contain the civil power? No, Do Igazlh? No, do you feared? No, who invited him to stand up? Who called the Sadrist movement to stand up to this stage with civilians is that the phase requires reconciliation actors in society in order to complete the project, a state fair.

(Technocrats al-Sadr and al-Abadi: Which of them will see the light?)

Early committee set up by Mr. Sadr to nominate a government of technocrats names and, by contrast there are other committee with the government nominate names, your opinion, what is the list that will be adopted in the end? List chest His strongest momentum of the street, or the government's list, which is about to turn?

- Committee formed by Mr. Sadr completed its work a week ago, was not briefed on the details, because Mr. told the committee "will not communicate with you," and this comes from the desire of spreading an atmosphere of objectivity and independence by choosing names.

If you place Mr. Abadi to thank the Commission stated at the lower, because they ultimately contain important names of Iraqis and the Arab and international levels, and including intellectuals and academics dedicated, and I wish that Mr. Abadi has to benefit from the efforts of this Committee Tedeidha with the results that will come out by the Intergovernmental Committee.

(Abadi sitters)

In your opinion, what is the best way to use Abadi with the situation now?

- Mr. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi I called for direct dialogue with the protesters because we have an important lesson, which the previous government failed in dialogue with sit-Anbar, which led later to the disaster, though it was dealt with at that time wisely, scientific and objective spared us a lot of problems, so his invitation to be present personally in this communication channel, and to be directly with them. "

Asadi 3. Jpg

(Turns Muqtada al-Sadr)

became clear that Muqtada al-Sadr in 2004, is not the same in 2006, which is almost too different from the chest in 2010 and the chest in 2016, these turns, which resulted in a profound change in attitudes and visions, even transformed the dental impression, for example, toward the Mahdi Army, the impression is afraid, all the way the Saraya to peace is the only armed faction close to the year in areas of war with Daash, do you think where to lead this turns with Mr. al-Sadr, and is there a specific algorithm to understand these turns?

- Who among us as if the same person who left years ago? People are changing on many levels, may be deemed the recipient shifts, but can call them detours, which has Mr. integration process, we are in a school of martyrs Sadrain believe that the integration process is the shifts and quantum leaps, but he does not wait for the conditions, it is the turn toward the integration point see it, until I saw the impression of the Mahdi Army is the other Saraya toward peace, everything is governed by goals and integration.

Expresses Sayyed true essence, and its essence is no different from the essence of the first martyr (RIP) and the second martyr (RIP) and Musa al-Sadr, those stars and planets three and distinguishes them is the massive human aura, the charisma, which is a mix between the rational and revolutionary, religious and humanitarian, it is no stranger to Sayyed said he had the hearts of millions of people, and respected even by offending the religion and doctrine and dogma.

(Chest: Arab leaders)

suddenly, in one of the data, provided by Mr. Sadr's name the title of (Arab leader), usually not raised these titles nor reproduced only nationalist camps, is there a clear intent and its production?

- We take and adopt what he writes Mr. pen of the appendix at the end of the data and referendums, for example, when he says "reformer Muqtada al-Sadr," or "people's servant Muqtada al-Sadr," are here to make sure that Sayyed is confirming this of detailed, but if it was issued by friends or relatives or information office, these titles come from the side of love and respect, and everyone remembers what was written by Associate jihadist Abu Duaa al-Issawi for Mr. (commander of the Imam Mahdi forces), this certainly comes from the sense of the man and raised by this word among the masses of the Sadrist movement of enthusiasm and passion, but Mr. did not say it.

"Arab leader" in the statement issued from your office, and when written is we will have to Naol, and Sayyed proud Baracath and Arobath and Asalamath and his humanity.

may affect his friendship with Iran?

- Is Iran was expecting to give up the chest Arobath for example? Barobath proud as proud Iranian Pfarsith, there is no problem, but they also may be a source of stirring, ie, "I am an Arab" in the sense that I reconciled with all Arab parties and the incubator in general.