National Cleaning: the sums owed ​​by the Government of Basra , 14 billion dinars

2016-03-22 09:09:07 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

National Cleaning Company announced that their financial dues owed ​​by the local government of approximately 14 billion dinars.

A spokesman for the company Alderaoa Ali said in a statement that the company 's decision to stop work came to non - payment of dues in addition to the failure to clarify the intention of the local government to contract with the company or not.

Alderaoa confirmed that the company will resume its work again if given the promise of the local government to pay their financial dues and renewal of the contract with the company.

He also said that the company needed to pay their financial dues and renew the contract for a walk affairs calling at the same time , the local government of Basra to speed up the resolution of this file.

The national company that has been working for about a year in Basra expressed in the March 13 , 2016, was surprised by the linking pay financial dues to the company owed ​​by the local government of Basra to renew the contract with the company and the site for three years unless the provincial council decided to conduct an annual assessment determines under renovation or not .

The company has stopped work for one day in November 30, 2015, due to non - receipt of dues, which prompted the approaching concerned to pay a portion of the money implications.

The local government announced in Basra on June 12, 2014 signed a contract with the Kuwaiti national company to clean up the county worth holding amounted to 207 billion dinars for a period of 3 years, after he was chosen from among 11 Arab and foreign companies participate to win this project.