10 absences exceed the limit and alarming Presidency replaced

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In the House, said Tuesday, the ultimatum of 10 deputies of exceeding the limit of absences, with palette "replaced" in case of repeated absences.

Parliament's decision revealed Niyazi oglu architecture, that "Ten deputies exceeded maximum absences", stating that "the deputies face ultimatum to the deputies absent, and if repeated absences will head Parliament speaker to replace absent."

He added, "the number of deputies who exceeded their absences maximum stipulated by the rules of procedure of the House of representatives 10", adding that "the rules of procedure stipulated in the notice to mp truant when repeating his absence the head block replaced.

He noted that "the House of representatives voted on a resolution the Assembly and conduct the formation of a Committee to consider the absence of intentional and House the feigning illness or sickness", pointing out that "there are deputies tend to truancy by providing medical reports and their youth allows them leave for more than five months."

The decision followed "the rules of procedure of the Chamber of Deputies the text right mp absent for seven sessions but leaves", stating that "the overriding mp on the number of absences set forth rules regarding the right to legal proceedings".