Coalition forces: reject prejudice to the sovereignty of Iraq and welcome international support

By Roudao 25 minutes ago

A statement of the Alliance of Iraqi forces

Roudao - Baghdad

Alliance showed Iraqi forces on Tuesday welcomed the international military support for Iraq and participation in addressing the "Islamic state" Daash.

A statement Roudao Media Network received a copy of it, "While we reject where all forms of occupation and touch the sovereignty and independence of Iraq from any party whatsoever, express our appreciation for the commitment of the United States in support of the Iraqi armed forces and enhance its combat capabilities to enable them to defeat Aldoaash cleanse Other Iraqi cities and re-displaced and displaced persons to their areas and bitter end to their suffering. "

He also pointed out that "the Iraqi international cooperation in the fight against terrorism and international agreements in this regard strengthens our confidence seriously national and international efforts to root out terrorism from its roots because of poses substantial risk to the security and international peace."

The statement stressed the need to "put the national interest above all else by giving priority to eradicate terrorism, which represents the most serious internal and external challenges faced by Iraq."

And it arrived at the unit 26 of the US Marines to Iraq to provide military support and training to Iraqi forces.