Transport get a certificate ISO} {global

World News - BAGHDAD / justice - 1:32 - 22/03/2016 - Hits: 18

The Ministry of Transport, on Monday, for obtaining a certificate {ISO} Alaalmih.oavad ministry statement received (Justice) a copy of "The ministry has intensified training and development courses for the training of the cadres of the ministry and the various technical and administrative functions in order to raise the level of performance, was attended by more than 1,300 employees. "He added," this effort has contributed to the development of the accession of the Ministry of transport certificate {ISO} global {quality} It is the first Iraqi Ministry to obtain this certificate. "on the face another decade and transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi, two separate meetings with representatives of the two Serco and G4S, in the presence of Director General of civil Aviation Samer Kubba and Director of the Minister's Office at the Baghdad airport Nofal Salim. .ogery In the first meeting with the company Serco discuss the issue of the renewal of the contract with the company, where the Minister that the atmosphere of Iraq will return safe after the demise of Daash soon, He stressed that there is a committee formed under the chairmanship of Director General of the Technical Department will study the merits of the contract in order to determine Ver.ovi meeting the second examined the minister with a representative of G4S company contracted with the company, noting that the desire to be a fruitful cooperation, stressing the importance of maintaining and updating device drivers Alchgal.hma the Minister had a tour inside the corridors of Baghdad international Airport and check out the passenger traffic in it.