Parliament calls for the protection of local agricultural products and describe the basis of food security


Twilight News / she called on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, the Government of interest to the agricultural sector as based national food security, and the protection of agricultural products through the implementation of the local product to protect the customs tariff laws.

This came during a statement on the sidelines of his visit agricultural eighth week exhibition, which came in line with the orientations supporting the development of alternative economic resources of oil, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Hamoudi.

He Hamoudi during his tour of exhibitions of various governmental and private and cooperative bodies, lamented the media ignored the evolution in the agricultural level in terms of production, mechanization and research, as well as to the projects implemented by the ministries of agriculture and water resources projects, calling on the media, particularly the government to introduce what is achieved and to inform people about the existing level of development.

The statement quoted Hammoudi as saying that the show will not be propaganda achievements of the ministries, but for Iraq, and the Iraqi definition that succeeded did not fail, it is able to deliver, despite all the circumstances it is our right as a people take pride in our achievements.