Deputy for the Iraqi coalition forces: calls for early elections, "the idea is logical"

Counting deputy from the coalition Iraqi forces Salah al - Jubouri, on Monday, calls for early elections as ' the idea is logical. "

Jubouri said in a press statement, that' put forward the idea of early elections is put irrational can not hold them in the presence of battles against al Daash as well the continuing financial crisis. "

He stressed that 'there is a historic settlement and reset all the problems in Iraq and begin the process of a new start in politics and stay away from the government of consensus."

He called on the Attorney - Jubouri that' the formation of a majority government political representative of all components of the people and even the benefits can be guaranteed National balance the other hand , there will be opposition parliamentary the government 's performance and monitor the work on to be constructive. '

warned MP powers' of the chaos in Baghdad if the current situation persists , and this will affect the morale of the fighters on the battlefield and do not serve this case , but the terrorists Daash'.

He Jubouri that the 'peace resolutions are the bravest of the resolutions of war and this responsibility is not the responsibility of the prime minister only, but all the political blocs to take this decision.'