Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi: Some object to the cabinet reshuffle because he would lose his privileges

Mr. Prime Minister , Dr. Haider al - Abadi reiterated to continue reforms , noting that some people object to the cabinet reshuffle because he would lose his privileges.
According to its sovereignty during a meeting gathering of goodwill , which includes a group of MPs from different blocs that the conflict between the blocks and logos that are released do not build state there are numerous accumulations in the state, collapses and economic and financial challenges need to be a work in progress and reforms and plans and this is what our work and we are working on it.
he said the reshuffle is part of the reforms we have made, which include reforms in sectors of the economy and administration, fight corruption and facilitate procedures and other sectors.
the sovereignty that the fight against corruption is very important to our corruption has many faces , and there are international organizations and global expertise will help us in the fight against corruption.
He said the work of the Committee of experts continuously and has specifications and mechanisms for choosing ministries.
with regard to the security situation He referred to political differences did not affect the battle as evidenced by the victories that is now investigating stressing the importance of the unification of the internal front to achieve the final victory.

Information Office of the Prime Minister
March 20 2016