Saleh: the function of the reform program is to eliminate the parallel state


BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Advisor to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said on Sunday that the document , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi reform based on "state - building and market adoption of smaller and more powerful government , " and unveiled a plan pursued by the government for the development of the private sector by making it owns 55% of the value of gross domestic product by 2030, and as pointed out that there are to ensure the rights of workers in the private sector plan in cooperation with the international Monetary Fund, stressed the need to develop this sector to eliminate "parallel state." he said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview today : " the document government 's reform of the Prime Minister based on two axes rebuild the state and the market , " returned to "the country 's dependence on a rentier economy makes it unable to meet the requirements of all citizens." Saleh added that " the change that needs to change the current mentality requires a more efficient government, and smaller than those currently in the number of ministries and agencies and the characters, and strong laws and their ability to control and regulation , "noting that" the reform document is going in this direction. "Saleh revealed that" the Council of Ministers adopted since last year 2015, a program to develop the sector private, it extends until 2030, and is based on mixing market companies and activities, to extend to industry, agriculture and other activities , "pointing out that" the first step of the program is to simplify the registration of companies and reduce the cost of procedures, to convert the private activity Activity irregular and outside the control of the law, to organized activity under the legal umbrella. "he continued , Prime Minister and adviser, that" the plan is linked to the axis of market financing, the fact that the country is facing a big problem in terms of the banking sector and save money , "noting that" the launch of the six trillion dinars program by the central bank was aimed at concessional financing the private sector so that is the operator, instead of the state that took over that responsibility Vstkhalq an army of zombies through corruption legit. "Saleh pointed out , that" the private sector development program that includes market protection through provision of guarantees for private sector employees , "revealing that" the government is working since last year , 2015, the draft program with the IMF ends with 2019 solutions, and is designed to provide protection for private sector employees under the name of (social Security). "He noted the benefit, that" the program includes setting up a data base for all employees and covered both the private labor market or social care, and determine the persons entitled to social welfare according to these data, identifying registered within the pension fund , "stressing that" the program will provide protection for workers in the private sector just like state employees. "Saleh pointed out , that" the government is also seeking to integrate the pension fund workers with the retirement of state employees fund, among retired unified national fund ", stressing that" the private sector development program aims to reach to that sector participation rate of up to 55% of the size of gross domestic product by 2030 ". He stressed Saleh," the State thus leave many of the activities of the market, has the task of export laws and regulations to protect workers, as well as to monitor the work of the private sector , "explaining that" the state in the future will play the role of partner and observer, but the bulk of the partnership will be the private sector to ensure the elimination of parallel state. "He knew the benefit of , the State parallel to "processes that you get outside the framework of the law and customs , " pointing out that "these operations are spread further in conjunction with the government 's loss of the reform program and Ankavaiha itself." he stressed economic adviser, that "the function of the reform program is to eliminate the parallel state, being very dangerous and it is working to exploit the conditions in various images, including the carrying of arms outside the scope of the law, corruption Kaljpayh for the benefit of individuals and personalities, and the use of tribal law of force against civil law, "adding that" the elimination of it is strongly the government and the reform programs of all, whether legal or administrative or economic . " . the Prime Minister gave in (10 March 2016), and document comprehensive reforms ministerial amendment to the heads of political blocs, while that document included the political and economic reforms under which will reshuffle expected. the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Haider al - Abadi, in the (October the second in 2015), the government embarked on a public social security strategy of the current 2015, in coordination with the World Bank, hoping completed in 2017, while between the base point which is the introduction of "market Council" during the 2016 year or next, counting that the Council will contribute remove "China great Wall" that separated the government from the private sector. the banking system in Iraq consists of 54 banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by ownership between 7 state banks and 23 commercial banks , special , including (9) Islamic banks in addition to the 15 branches of foreign banks.