Meeting presidencies: cabinet reshuffle within a week , and follow - up reforms


BAGHDAD / long - Presse

Decided the leaders of political blocs and the three presidencies meeting, on Saturday, the formation of several committees to continue the progress of reform in the country's process, while Noting there to form a committee to assist the Prime Minister in a cabinet reshuffle "in a week", said the formation of a committee to visit the protesters and the representatives and leaders of the demonstrations.
A statement by the leaders of the two communities received (range Press) copy of it, that "the meeting was held today at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, three presidencies collection, and the leaders of blocs and political parties," noting that "the assembled cheered victories of the heroic security forces in Mosul, Anbar, cutouts and other terrorist gangs."
The statement added, "The two communities have expressed their emphasis and the will of the strong on the support of citizens in Taza who faced brutal crimes committed by the terror," he said, adding "emphasis on maintaining security in the capital Baghdad and limiting arms possession state necessity."
The statement noted that "the meeting also focused on the political and administrative reform and the fight against corruption and the ministerial amendment issues and to express their respect for the popular wills as represented by demonstrations and sit-ins in the country since July last year until now," noting that he "was formed several committees to follow up the reform process."
The statement noted "the formation of a committee composed of the three presidencies and political components, shall monitor the implementation of reform and to help the prime minister in a cabinet reshuffle during the week," he said, adding, "it was the formation of a higher council for combating corruption and speed up the resolution of independent bodies."
The statement stressed, "The meeting decided to form a committee to contact led the national parties to coordinate with them about the demands on the one hand and the House of Representatives and the government on the other hand," noting that "this committee will visit the protestors tasks and communication with representatives of the protesters."
The statement concluded by stressing that "the meeting urged the House of Representatives on the need for legislation of laws broken."