Parliamentary Integrity Abadi accused of covering up spoilers and asking him to seriously deal with them
{Baghdad} Euphrates News accused the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, covering up the corrupt people in the cabinet headed by cabin.
A spokesman for the Committee Adel Nouri, told {Euphrates News}, "We affirm and support the analysis of the Integrity Commission not to throw the executive authorities arrested accused of corruption , " adding that "We get us and more to meet the prime minister and executive organs of responsibility , " noting , "I'm in a meeting As a committee of parliamentary integrity with Prime Minister Katabth saying: you Ttstron the corrupt and the corrupt, especially within the ministerial cabin. "
he added that al - Abadi" wanted to respond to the charge, and I told him I will prove to you beyond doubt when the judiciary issued an arrest warrant against a minister within the ministerial cabin that you {Abadi} headed, and we prevent it from traveling at the airport and border crossings and checkpoints and bring him back to Baghdad after a month or 40 days, which is a sentence an arrest order, you are not directed to the executive authorities to arrest him, and the coordination of political arrangement between you and the security agencies and parties political, are those smuggling people out of Baghdad , "explaining that a meeting of the integrity Commission with the Prime Minister held in" 20 of last February. "
He continued Nuri" We are assured by the liquid and media organizations, and draw the charge and blamed the prime minister slowdown and lax in dealing with orders judicial issued against the corrupt, there must be serious and packages in this matter. "
the integrity Commission, charged last Thursday, the executive authorities responsible for failure to arrest more than a thousand accused of corruption, despite a diary to spend integrity to catch them.
the head of the agency Hassan al - Yassiri, during his speech at a press conference to announce the annual Authority in a report last in 2015, " the number of orders judicial arrest issued by the Elimination of integrity based on the cases referred by the Commission reached in 2719 an order, do them {by the concerned implementing any executive powers} 772 thing, while orders that did not implement the 1146 order, here 's a question directed to those entities we are not we and the judiciary officials. "amounted to mention that, a spokesman for the parliamentary integrity Commission Adel Nouri, attributed Tuesday, ] continuing corruption and lack of seriousness to fight it to enter the top of the pyramid of power in the government in the work of the integrity Commission and the impact on judicial decisions, revealing the possession of evidence of such an intervention , which led to condone corrupt and involved for embezzling public funds.
he said Nuri's {Euphrates News} there is "honest judges and incompetent in the integrity Commission and judges also have integrity in the Supreme Judicial Council and investigators and sincerely, but the overall process is not okay because there is interference by the Altnniveh power work of the Commission and the process of the investigation and we have evidence of this intervention, where there are accused and involved corrupt persons, were ] overlooked for their crimes and Achtlashm of money. "
He pointed to" the existence of files for corrupt includes names former and current , "noting" we addressed the Prime Minister to prevent interfering with the integrity and prime ministers, and interference from the top of the pyramid, and influential in the political process to prevent these interventions are files achievement ".anthy