Sadr admonishes the media and criticize the curtailment statement to his spokesman about the sit-in
[Oan- Najaf]
criticized the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, some of the media "to Ajtzaiha" a statement from his spokesman [Salah al - Obeidi , about the sit - ins.
Sadr said in a statement : "I do not want here more than a threshold or intrigued me from the non - coverage of the Iraqi, Arab and international satellite channels for the most important event in Iraq in this period , I mean the National peaceful sit -in in front of the green gates to support Abadi [Haider al - Abadi Prime Minister] to complete the reforms , but I want here to offer them an open invitation and periodically and organization to cover this protest as befits to convey what is happening honestly and transparently away from all falsification and misrepresentation of the facts , as did some of the affiliates of the press and journalists. "
He noted that " we advocate the protection of journalists ' security and professionally I mean also reject the abuse reject what comes out of the falsification of the facts before them, which has been doing some channels and most recently the channel that withheld some talk of official spokesperson in our name [Salah al - Obeidi] , all of that is bad for the reputation of the press and journalists. "
Sadr called on journalists and the media that" the work to cover this important event is absolutely free and reject any harass you , whether from official authorities or from our affiliated entities and Stop Hjerana to the voice of the people. "