The rule of law: the resignation of cabin portend surprises uncalculated

2016-03-20 00:07:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Meeting ended the rule of law with the Sadrist movement, on Thursday, to using his "Abadi" joint operations after sitters overrun barbed wire and access to the Green Zone gates. With warns Sadrists from hitting the protesters.

The dispute between the two Shiite parties considered it as a "conspiracy" to disrupt the National Alliance and destabilize the security of Baghdad and the southern provinces.

Sadrists assumed that the front - Abadi now, one option is to proceed with reforms, otherwise it break up sit - ins to "force".

And extended Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi deadline for political blocs to names of the ministers of ministerial candidates for the new cabins to the 26th of this month, according to deputies about the rule of law.

He threatened the Sadrists to take steps "escalation" in the event of the 45 - day deadline set by its leader to achieve reform that ended.

Resignation of the government option

The Messenger says Abu Hasna, MP from the Dawa Party , in an interview with the (range), that "the Sadrists do not accept, in the last meeting with the state law, to change Abadi for his government in stages and wants to be at once."

Abu Hasna, adding that " the Sadrists have not come to grips with the issue was legal and constitutional, because the government would be considered dissolved in the event has been completely changed in one go ."

It expresses the state of law for fear of "surprises is measured", as if resigned Government Abadi and cost the president the prime minister to form a new government, he says Abu Hasna "Maybe there will be some hesitation in choosing a new government, and get into the problematic we are indispensable."

It rejects state law that takes the chest on the responsibility for organizing sit - ins , although he partner in the political process, according to the MP for the invitation, which says that " the Sadrist movement has ministers indicators them, and it was better for him to invite them to resign."

Sadr has announced, last month during a speech in Tahrir Square, that "no one in the government is represented."

Statement of state law

He says Abu Hasna, who attended the meeting last state law that " The statement came after the Prime Minister to explain the political and security situation in the country." He added , "announced the statement after leaving Abadi of the meeting." He believed that " The statement did not include escalation as described by the other."

He Hadi al - Amiri, secretary general of the Badr Organization, affiliated to the State of Law coalition, reservation on the statement, saying that it holds a "harsh language." And he rejected "any escalation approach between political partners."

The leaks had said that " the rule of law , " a statement which included the phrase "men with men and arms with arms" has been withdrawn after hours because of the criticism directed at him. As the chief of the coalition Nuri al - Maliki and Rhode those words in the statement.

It confirms MP from the Dawa Party that " the political blocs agree with the state law on partial change now." He called on the blocks that "offers candidates for the ministries or leaving Abadi choose his own."

Abadi street

But the leader of the Sadrist Prince Kanani said in a telephone interview with the (range), that the "go - Abadi real reforms , or hitting the protesters."

He says the Sadrist movement that "sit - ins" are in favor of the prime minister, saying it was " an opportunity" to move in front of the last reforms and win the sympathy of the street.

Kanani asserts that " the protesters will press Abadi to achieve reforms."

The leader of the Sadrist movement that the recent "escalation will take positions" in the event of 45 days, set by al- Sadr to implement reforms and that Sntha after 9 days deadline.

Kanani but did not hide his fear that " the protesters are beaten," despite the lack of confirmation "harassed" the occurrence of the security forces or demonstrators yet.

He sees Mass former Liberal member of that "allow the security forces to enter the protestors near the Green Zone gates that is calculated to Ebadi and the security authorities."

Hours after the storming of the demonstrators security barrier on the bridge of the Republic, issued Abadi, as "Commander in Chief", which is assigned the task of security in the capital , Baghdad , joint operations instead of the Baghdad Operations Command.

Kanani believes that "this measure reaction is unfortunate , " adding that "isolate the commander of Baghdad operations is incorrect decision, especially since the latter maintained the peaceful demonstrations."

The fragmentation of the National Alliance

In turn , is likely Abu Hasna, a member of the Dawa Party, that the government " to deal with protests in a peaceful manner, even though he is a constitutional violation."

But the MP for the coalition of state law emphasizes that "it will not solve if everyone did not sit back on the table of dialogue." "There are those who try to tear the Shiite blocs and destabilize the situation in Baghdad and the south , " calling the National Alliance to return to dialogue.

For his part , supports MP Salim Chawki support the "dialogue" in the National Alliance , and access to "real reform formula."

He warned MP for the coalition of the wise, in an interview with the (range), the risk of lack of seriousness in implementing the reforms Abadi. " We fear the exploitation of some lurking sleeper cells or sit - ins to blow up the situation in Baghdad, and the storming of the Green Zone."

It seems that the citizen bloc agreed on the wording of the gradual change of the government in order to avoid the fall in the constitutional outlawed. But Shawki says that "reform is not enough to change the ministers, but we need to fight corruption and provide services, and the search for a fair and efficient figures to lead the ministries."