Parliamentary Security demanding the opening of the bridges in Baghdad to citizens
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} student chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting, the security forces, the reopening of the bridges in central Baghdad in front of the citizens.
He Zamili in a statement the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of the "received the protesters too far from the bridges of the Republic and Sinak, and did not cut the flow of traffic there at all."
He pointed out that " the tents of the protesters erected in front of the Green Zone gates, which are very far from the bridges of the Republic and Sinak and on the security forces to open two bridges to the citizens. "
the General traffic Directorate, revealed today's {Euphrates News} for closed and open in the capital , Baghdad bridges.
the Director of Information and public relations Directorate Brigadier Ammar Waleed," there are four bridges in Baghdad have been closed, They {Sinak, Republic, Liberal, and martyrs}, and are of great importance and especially bridges {Sinak Republic} , "noting that" the reopening of this bridge, return to the security authorities are responsible and decide on this matter. "
said Waleed," there are bridges open , a bridge {iron Sarafiya, and the door of the holy, and Ibn Hayyan, as well as Jadiriyah} bridge , "stressing that" on Sunday, will see the intensity of turnout on alternative methods and bridges. "
the Baghdad has seen since Friday , tight security , as well as the closure of bridges Association between the sides of Karkh and Rusafa, near the green Zone in the center of the capital and roads, to secure the sit - ins and protests demanding Baslah.anthy