Intruder appeals Anbar bailouts Alaesideat captives have Daash

MP appealed to the Yezidi Vian Dakhil security forces in Anbar province, rescue and the liberation of women abducted Alaesideat Kspaya the Daash terrorist gangs in the province.

She said an intruder in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "with the start of the start of liberalization Hit spend hand leap and a number of neighboring two villages operations, we appeal Anbar Operations Command and the leaders of all formations to participate in this battle to ensure the liberation of dozens of captives Alaesideat who was organizing Daash terrorist may Spahn and transferred to those areas have been sold to the elements and his supporters. "
She added, "According to our own sources, the close of the terrorist organization had declared in one Friday last year and across social networking sites, it has been about 100 Yezidi girl from the people of Sinjar for sale markets in the city of Qaim in Anbar."
Intruder confirmed: "We are fully prepared to coordinate with the Anbar Operations Command and the leaders of other military formations, in order to secure the transfer of captives freed after Alaesideat to the Kurdistan region with a view to being handed over to their relatives as soon as possible."
The Joint Special Operations Command has announced today the start of the process of liberalization western areas in Anbar include spend Hit and hand leap.
The Ministry of Defense, last Wednesday for liberalization of a number of women Alaesideat Be slaves when Daash terrorist gangs from within the heart of the city of Mosul "after the advance planning took several months and coordinating high-level where it was to penetrate the ranks of the elements of Daash and communicating with the hijackers."