Deputy for the National: the rule of law blocks wedded respective ministers and difficult process ofchange

Deputy for the National Alliance clung blocks in the State of Law Coalition [WIN in the coalition] respective ministers in the process of the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle.
Haider said Alfoada told all of Iraq [where] that "some political blocs are still wedded to the known and even the state of law" and called on "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to clarify what are the criteria for changing the minister does not make sense of equality among them."
He added, "A lot of wedded respective ministers, the blocks and the process of change is difficult but not as easy as imagined by some people."
He called Alfoada "The prime minister noted that the resolution of the ministerial change the parliamentary system in a manner and to consult with the masses because the marginalized are not interest-Abadi nor the political process therefore has to be especially quick consultations and disruption reflect negatively on the living standards and economic situation."
He pointed out that "Abadi said it poses a clear vision for the management of state and government program and a clear problem is not changing the characters, but it may be a factor."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has extended horizon of the political blocs, which ended last Wednesday week to submit their ministerial change.
The Abadi has formed "an independent committee of experts" to review the CVs of the candidates and raise the names after the audit and review to the Prime Minister, where there will be more than one name for each bag of technocrats to choose the most efficient, and then displays it on the House of Representatives.
The head of the State of Law bloc of parliamentary Ali al-Adeeb told [where] last Saturday that "Badr blocks and the Dawa Party-Iraq Organization and independents are concerned primarily ministerial change for the coalition of state law, and if there is a change in their ministries, they have to submit the bench."
He added that these blocks "wedded to positions and has no willingness to change according to what I understood," but he also said, "but maybe because of the public interest and public pressure can respond to change and this possibility."
Despite denials by the Office of the writer of this talk, even if published [where] statement with the voice recording, but sources in the National Alliance and political analysts have confirmed what the writer Alchbutt and this applies to other forces outside the alliance as well.