National commends to protect the protesters and surprised to punish the officers out of Baghdad

He praised the deputy of the National Coalition on Saturday, to protect the protesters, and expressed astonishment punish some officers in Baghdad Operations Command.

He praised MP Kadhim al-Shammari said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on the "positive role of the great and the interaction of the forces of security and the Baghdad Operations Command to embrace the demonstrators and to provide an appropriate atmosphere for them to raise their voices in an optimal way without any provocation or hassle, surprising punish some officers Baghdad operations instead tributes to those efforts. "
Al-Shammari said, "Many of those who had hoped escalation and aggravation of the situation, they were betting on any mistakes or provocations that may take place from Baghdad Operations Command at the demonstrators to escalate the situation and take the fight to the capital Service agendas seeking to return Iraq to square one, but wisdom, discipline and cooperation which we felt from the Baghdad operations command and committees overseeing the demonstrators thwarted all those bets, and gave an example of civilized for meat between the citizen and the element of security. "
He added that "what surprised him that some officers of the Baghdad Operations Command to punish rather than honored for unknown reasons at a time when we had hoped from the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to be the first well-wishers of the security men on their style of civilization in control of security one and the success of the most important aspects of democracy, a voice of the people It demands legitimate rights through peaceful means. "
He called al-Shammari commander of the armed forces to "issue a clear statement commending it to the Baghdad Operations Command's efforts and the supervisor great sacrifices great and discipline that accompanied the hours pretending position, and to be a spiritual father to them to lift their spirits more Petkremm and raise their morale instead of punishing some of them at a time when we desperately need strive to present all kinds of moral and material support to all Iraqi national and Sharif is keen to extend its security and deliver the country to safety. "