Talabani 's party: early elections are a way out of the crisis region and an end to exclusivity

Counting the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by former Reese Republic Jalal Talabani, an early election in the province, "a way out" to end the political crisis Almstmrh months ago therein.

And accept secretary of the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Adel Murad during a meeting on Friday in the city of Sulaimaniya, a delegation from the Russian Embassy in Iraq, which included the Russian ambassador Ilya Morkonov and Consul General of the Russian in the Kurdistan region, the current situation in the region, where called for the need to speed up the normalization of the situation and remove actions unconstitutional and activate the work of Parliament and the provincial government. "
He explained Murad, said that "the National Union is keen to calm the situation and to achieve consensus between the political forces in the Kurdistan region," pointing out that "holding early suitable director elections, if the political crisis continued not been able to political forces to achieve political consensus and end the exclusivity and to ensure the active participation of all powers in the management of the province's institutions of governance, and the rule of law and transparency in the oil file and obtaining and distribution of its imports in a transparent and accountable corrupt and corrupt people in various regions of the province. "
He called on Kurdish official, Russia to "play a bigger role in dealing with the sectarian conflict growing in the region, which is run by some countries and is trying to drag the Kurds to him, stressing the importance of Russia's role in Syria and Iraq to eliminate terrorism and Veolh," adding that "the Kurds in Iraq, Syria and Turkey allies of Ross and we are committed to achieving the best relations with them according to mutual respect and ensure the common interests, "stressing that" there are many regional schemes designed to tear Iraq along sectarian lines and encourage the division in which requires close ranks and work to end the differences side of the Kurdistan region. "
For his part, the price of Russian Ambassador to the role of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in maintaining stability in Kurdistan and Iraq, terrorism and risks, calling for the development of relations between his country and the provincial government in various fields, expressing his hope that contributes to the improvement of relations between Erbil and Baghdad to contain differences and build relationships to ensure interests mutual-win situation.