Liberal: road closures, "unwarranted" and the Dawa Party pressure on al-Abadi to impose process

Special - balances News
Considered the Liberal bloc in Parliament, on Friday, to impose security measures and the closure of roads operations as an attempt to create the "confusion" in the street, noting that the leaders of the window of the Dawa Party pressed the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and security leaders in order to close roads and the imposition of those measures.
The MP said the Liberal block Majid Ghraoui L / balance News / that "the measures taken by the security services, this morning, do not unwarranted".. "
He added that "these measures" confusion "is intended to delude the Iraqi street that sit-ins aimed at Shell movement of citizens rather than demanding their rights," adding that "all reforms Abadi is a non-responsive to the aspirations".
He Ghraoui that "the leaders of the window of the Dawa Party pressed the Abadi and security leaders to take these security measures."
Saw Friday morning, heavy deployment of security forces around the entrances to the Green Zone.
It is said that the security forces had the morning to close the majority of the main roads and bridges in the capital against the trend of thousands of Sadrists to mobilize the green gates to demand reform and the fight against corruption. is over