Deputies from the National Alliance calls for a deadline and a clear reform
[Where - Baghdad]
MPs called the National Alliance , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to determine the limits of time and clear reform and accelerate the implementation of the reform programs seriously and decisively.
According to a statement of the deputies received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it , "said the exact juncture existential challenges facing our country and especially the holy war led by our armed forces and mobilized popular clans and Peshmerga against terrorism, chaos and crime, corruption and dissolution of the state, it requires us to critical positions, especially towards the recent developments related to the reform dossier, employment and the escalation that accompanied him and who put the country and its future in front of difficult choices. "
He added , " We , the deputies coalition and perform a political role and discharge of edema before God and the nation and religious history and reference call on the president to work constitutional duties to maintain the security and sovereignty of the country, as well as call on the Prime Minister to determine the ceilings clear time of reform and accelerate the implementation of the reform programs seriously and decisively. "
the statement stressed the importance of unifying visions and attitudes and rejected the case of fragmentation experienced by the National Alliance of State towards all issues and that appeared evident through the mass of differing attitudes to the current crisis. In this regard , the Alliance serious and decisive commitment to reform the state and especially the files of corruption and the enactment of basic laws and in cooperation with partners in the homeland, calling on the national parties to deal with the reform of national responsibility to file and not to employ contradictions and wrangling politically main employers.
He called on all parties both within the National Alliance or outside calm and restraint and give priority to the language dialogue and preservation of the supreme national interest and commitment to constitutional and legal frameworks and methods of nonviolent action and resorting to the initiatives to calm the situation to keep the people 's money, property and lives and miss an opportunity to the enemies of Iraq and save the country from its current crisis.
he was President Fuad Masum , had called in a statement, Thursday, political parties to "exercise restraint" and avoid any escalation that would strain the atmosphere and increases the area of the "political bickering", he stressed the need to accelerate the implementation of a "comprehensive real reform" the understanding between the different authorities and the parties to the political process.