Khuzaie confirms that the National Conference will be held after the summit Baghdad

03/21/2012 - 15:39
Iraq News

Alsumaria News / Baghdad,
Deputy President of the Republic Khodair al, on Wednesday, that the circumstances indicate the National Conference will be after the summit, stressing the need for the commitment of all parties to the language of peaceful dialogue, while the United States affirmed that Iraq will succeed in holding the Arab summit will play a major role. He said Khuzai in a statement released today on the sidelines of a meeting consultant Vice President Tony Pellnkn and the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad James Jeffrey and received "Alsumaria News", a copy of "the government and all political parties is serious about holding the National Conference and resolve outstanding issues, but the circumstances indicate the contract After the summit. "

stressed Khuzaie "the need to follow the language of dialogue between all parties because it is the best way to resolve all outstanding issues," but he also said that "what we see from the letters convulsive not true and do not serve anyone and everyone commitment to the language of peaceful dialogue."

The Khuzaie to that "Iraq has the ability and willingness to play a pivotal role in resolving the Arab issues, especially the Syrian issue through the Arab summit," noting that "the attitude of Iraq which is the need to sit down the opposition and the government to the negotiating table because of violence and a military solution will impact negatively on the entire region." For his part, advisor confirmed U.S. Vice President Tony Pellnkn that "Iraq will succeed in holding the Arab summit will play a major role in the Arab and regional levels."

and was President Jalal Talabani and parliament Osama Najafi agreed during a meeting held in the province of Sulaymaniyah, in (27 December 2011), to hold a national conference of all political forces to address issues related to governance, the state and develop solutions crisis has, in rejection of the National Alliance Conference held in Kurdistan, stressing the need to take place in Baghdad, and called for the support and keep the issue of Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi for politicization.

The head of the region Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, in a speech during the first conference for the youth of Kurdistan city of Arbil, in (15 March 2012), that there are "losers" have not been brought to Iraq, what we offer to our people in Kurdistan, and they want to be like them, pointing out that the contracts of the region's oil is in violation of the Constitution, and that the region will continue its policy will not change it, in what was considered that the Baghdad government was the result of the sacrifices of the Kurds, and stressed that the Kurds "Partners in Baghdad," stressing that they do not accept that telling them the government we offer you this do not give you this.

It is noteworthy that Iraq is a political crisis large is the first after the American withdrawal, on the back of issuing an arrest warrant against al-Hashimi, after being accused of supporting terrorism, and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a request to parliament to withdraw confidence from his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq, the leader of the Iraqi List, also, after the description of the last of the owners as a "dictator does not build" , which forced Iraq to suspend its membership in the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives, and submit a request to the parliament of no confidence in Maliki, before you decide on (January 29, 2012) Back to the Council of Representatives, and in the (February 6, 2012) ending the boycott of Cabinet.

and scheduled to host Iraq's Arab summit, which brings together presidents and kings of the Member States of the Arab League, the event is the largest international, organized by the country since 2003, accounting for the Municipality of Baghdad for the committee to create and insurance requirements for the Conference of the Arab summit and to provide insights, ideas, and the preparations necessary to improve and develop the interface construction of the city of Baghdad , commensurate with its history and its place in coordination with the ministries and the competent authorities, while confirming the Iraqi Interior Ministry that it had prepared a security plan to protect the Arab summit includes several stages carried out by Iraqi forces only.

noteworthy that Iraq hosted an Arab summit twice, to hold it the ninth Summit in 1978 that decided to boycott companies and institutions operating in Egypt that deal directly with Israel and not to approve the Camp David and the suspension of Egypt's membership in the university and transfer its Secretariat to Tunisia, as well as convening the summit of the 12 in 1990, which witnessed a severe tensions between Iraq and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates broke evacuated the second Gulf War.