Sadr thank the security forces for their cooperation and fulfillment

Thanks mainstream Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr on Friday security forces to give the finest forms of cooperation and loyalty to the homeland and its people.

According to a statement of the chest received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "Praise be to God, who insist the will of the people, and save the prestige of the people, which is even higher than the prestige of the lying government behind the walls, and it is nice for cooperation by the security forces, which exceeded all expectations that bet by some corrupt ".
He added that those forces light up a candle to melt in order to protect its people and upholding reform and stand deduced from corruption and the corrupt, thanks be to the security forces to give the finest forms of cooperation and loyalty to her people and her country, thanks to the protestors who started the first steps to the sit-in for the victory of wounded Iraq and continue hand in hand with their brethren in the wire The security for the defense and interior ministries and the Baghdad operations forces and all other parties. "
He continued, "God is alive and protesters and God is alive and protectors of Iraq, an honorable stand and will not be forgotten here we Iraqis to stay page albedo in the skies of cohesion and peace, harmony and righteousness and reform."
And it led thousands of demonstrators Friday prayers and staged a sit today at the gates of the Green Zone in Baghdad.
They flocked sitters day of Sinak bridges Republic to the Green Zone for the sit-in, while Alamnahbhdu forces dealt with the sit-ins.
The capital Baghdad, has seen since the early morning hours, tightening security measures before the start of a sit-in in front of the Green Zone.
There was a large spread of security forces from the army, police and aviation in Karkh and Rusafa, where security forces cut off roads and bridges, military channel leading to Sadr City, the concrete blocks.
The Interior Ministry called for a commitment Ptalimadtha and obey the spirit of the law and order so as to avoid all that leads to otherwise.
According to a ministry statement received [where] a copy of it on "The ministry would like to learn the masses of our people decent, as according to the Iraqi constitution, the terms of the laws in force, and in implementation of the responsibilities, duties, and ensure the security of honorable citizens and to ensure the functioning of law and order, the ministry in recognition of the critical circumstances which through which the country and pushed for all the risks and potential threats forms and for the public interest, they have not given permission to set up a picket or demonstrate in front of the green Zone gates, "adding that she" informed the party that asked for the license in this matter in order to avoid all forms or confusion gets miscalculation of the consequences and possibilities ".