Integrity announces the recovery of more than a trillion dinars and 169 billion

17/03/2016 11:54

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

Integrity Commission announced on Thursday, recovered to more than a trillion dinars and 169 billion.

The head of the body, Hassan al-Yassiri, in an ad hoc press conference to announce the annual report of the Commission for 2015, and attended "Tomorrow Press", "The money recovered and handed down verdicts judicial retrieved and that the body had stopped wasting them in order to preserve public money amounted trillion dinars and 169 billion and 306 million ".

The Yasiri "The money recovered amounted to 63 billion and 283 billion and 302 000 dinars, while the money that was to prevent wastage amounted to 711 billion and 493 million and 927 thousand dinars, in addition to $ 300 million and total trillion and 68 billion dinars if converted in Iraqi dinars." .