Differences parliamentary legislation on the law to determine the events and official holidays and the Committee on Culture and Information warning of sedition

March 17, 2016 19:38
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of the Committee on Culture and Information parliamentary warned of disagreements on specific occasions may create strife in the country, and with the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs has indicated that it left the bill, which was sent from the government without making amendments to it and let settled by the political blocs inside the dome the House of Representatives, predicted a coalition of state law, the law that are presented for the second reading in the next few days.
The Chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs parliamentary Abdel Azim and Healing that «the number of public holidays within the bill are not installed about a final there are so many proposals, but as a whole is limited to between 30-35 holiday».
Healing said in an exclusive interview to the newspaper '' the morning of the new '' that «the law was discussed in the relevant committees, including the committees of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Culture and currently second reading».
He added that «the relevant committees by law to have continuous meetings to reach the semi-final image on the draft law and the infinite options optimized for display in the House of Representatives sessions.»
He explained that «the dispute over several points of law, but we did not raise them anything was left as I arrived from the government for presentation to parliament for a vote.»
Healing and we continued «competent as a committee we made some suggestions about the National Day holidays were deleted associated with the former regime have also been adding some festivals belonging to religious communities.»
The House of Representatives has completed the first reading of the law on public holidays in the first of July last year, a controversial laws and stage of the previous election cycle.
For its part the Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Information parliamentary Maysoon al pointed out that «the law, which came from the government is satisfactory and a great deal of objectivity.»
Damluji said the newspaper '' the morning of the new »that« the most prominent problems about the law centered around religious holidays and we we presented our proposal that religious holidays be trace to the provinces and leave the option to grant a holiday for the province or not, without the inclusion of this matter within the Holidays Act ».
She added that «tugging in the House of Representatives is the basis why the disability legislation until this moment.»
She explained the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture that «the dispute over the National Day of the Iraqi state do not we consider sensitive because it is possible to settle the vote on the proposals presented, but our fear of Titles and events that could create sedition in the country».
And to that between the MP for the coalition of state law on the Keywords that «the Committee of Religious Endowments and the rest of the joint committees discussed with the law, but gave no final decision around waiting for the decision of the House of Representatives during the meeting to vote on it.»
Keywords and said to the newspaper '' the morning of the new '' The "public holidays Act was read in the House of Representatives first reading and will be introduced during the next few days to the second reading».
He explained that «there are several visions on the table within the Commission on some occasions, there is a feast Bourne parties to adopt this be the day an official holiday, and a national holiday and other intersect with this view and we respect all opinions».
He said «As for the national day there are several proposals put on the table and will be presented to the House of Representatives to vote on the proposed appropriate as most of the proposals are limited on the day Iraq's entry into the League of Nations in 1932 and another opinion sees choosing revolted and another in the popular uprising and another adopts fall day the former regime, or on the fall of the monarchy and the proclamation of the Republic. »