The inauguration of the gas pipeline Iran to Iraq later this month

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Said Group Chief Executive [Naruxtr] of the headquarters of the "Seal of the Prophets specialist [p]" for reconstruction and construction, said the pipe Iranian gas export line to Iraq, will be launched end of March / March in the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rohani.

Said Group Chief Executive [Kstrnero] specialist, Amanullah planter in a press statement that the establishment of pipe Iranian gas pipeline project from the South Pars field to Baghdad to provide fuel power stations in this city, has been accomplished, and will be opened in the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the celebrations [ Nowruz holiday].

He planter "The gas pipeline starts from the area [Jharmlh] to the city," it denied the month "with a length of 98 km and the diameter of the pipe 48 inches, and will connect to the main tube sixth in the country, and that includes sending and receiving station and 3 valves Station middle of the road and stop measuring [Matrenk" .

The Executive Director of the group Naruxtr] specialized that the project amounted to 70 million euros and 160 billion Toman Iran.

He planter that direct the establishment of the gas pipeline from Jharmlh project] to Naftshahr began Spmnbar / September 2012, and became now ready for the launch, and that the Iraqis are hoping to benefit from the pipe Iranian gas line to solve the problem of providing electricity to the city of Baghdad in the summer.

He predicted that the Iranian gas export to Iraq is initiated by this tube in the month of July next.

He said Group Chief Executive [Kstrnero] specialist, that at present has been the completion of the gas pumped into the pipeline, and will be opened by the President of Islamic Republic of Iran.