National Insurance achieved 111 billion dinars in 2015 and calls for the promotion of a "culture of insurance to society . "

17/03/2016 11:03

Long-Presse / Baghdad

National Insurance Company, announced Thursday, to achieve revenues exceeded the 111th billion dinars over the past year in 2015, and has ruled out increasing the amount during the current year 2016, because of "the repercussions of the financial crisis and the security situation," and while confirming its intention to introduce new services to activate its activity and increase imports, called for the intensification events and activities that promote the "insurance culture" and supported by the government and the media to the importance of the individual and society.

The director of planning and marketing department in the National Insurance Company Ali Abdel Karim, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "imports of total company last for 2015, amounted to more than 111 billion dinars, of which 92 billion in premiums to subscribers, and the remainder of the Department of investments," ruling out " increase revenue during the current year 2016, due to non-allocation of most of the companies and ministries money for insurance, as a result of the financial crisis, as well as the reluctance of citizens because of the weakness of the culture of insurance and security implications. "

He said Abdul Karim, that "the company is working to increase citizens' awareness of the importance of insurance for them," adding that there are "three specialized state-owned companies to insurance and more than 30 civil company, although it is not equivalent to the work of the National Insurance Company, due to the size of the police activity and money."

He said Abdul Karim, that "the company has introduced a new paragraph to work to activate it and increase the financial and imports, is insurance for the victims of car accidents and shops and terrorist operations", calling for "the intensification of the events and activities that promote the culture of insurance and support by the government and the media", returned at the same time , that "it will contribute to the development of public awareness of the importance of insurance to the individual and society."

The insurance sector in Iraq's three state-owned companies, is the Iraqi National Insurance, insurance and reinsurance, as well as 30 civil company, and two branches of foreign insurance companies.

It is noteworthy that the National Insurance Company, is the first insurance company was established with a capital of Iraqi Dinar exchange rate of one million during 1950, due to the need of the Iraqi insurance market to the presence of a strong national company to compete with foreign companies and agencies and their affiliates in a timely manner.