The leaders of the law and the Liberals: Abadi staying in office to lead reform

BAGHDAD / obelisk: senior source revealed, on Thursday, March 17, 2016 The leaders of a coalition of law agreed with the leaders of the liberal bloc to hold a meeting and discuss the cabinet reshuffle is anticipated, between the two sides agreed on the survival of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi his job .

The source said that " the leaders of the state of law and the Liberal bloc agreed today to convene a meeting to discuss the upcoming cabinet reshuffle and coordination of positions between the two."

The source , who asked not to be named, said : " The two sides agreed to the survival of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi get his job with a comprehensive ministerial change."

The Committee stressed the Sadrist movement sit - ins, on Thursday, continuing the establishment of the sit -in called for by the current leader Moqtada al - Sadr for reforms, with assured security forces, confirming the presence of high coordinate with them.

He Cabinet last Wednesday, his support and his support for the demonstrations demanding reforms, stressing that are in accordance with the legal framework and taking approvals, as pointed out that the law does not allow the establishment of sit-ins amid security conditions and the threat of "terrorist groups" and the possibility of targeting.

And he warns activists and Followers of the Iraqi political affair, from the transformation of the protest, called by the Sadrist movement into something like sit-ins that took place in Anbar in 2013, in a repeat of the protests beyond the laws, affecting a citizen and the state alike, as well as exploited by malicious actors seeking to derail the political process.

The cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, called on Saturday March 12 , 2016, to protest and set up tents in front of the gates of the Green Zone , until the expiration of the 45 days granted by the government to implement reforms and fight against corruption.

As the Council of Ministers announced on March 16, 2016 approval of the demonstrations, stressing the need to be consistent with the contexts and legal frameworks, as well as taking the approvals by the competent authorities.

And civil rights activist Mustafa Knight said in an interview for "obelisk", that "the call to sit under this troubled situation, is not considered appropriate, and that the period granted to the government to implement reforms is a process."

"The sit-in calls may seem sincere in its intentions, but it must go up a measured way, there are those who are trying to undermine the political process, taking advantage of lapses and errors."

The Abadi, had demanded Tuesday 15 March, this, the Assembly of Experts in charge of the development of the reform programs, to "choose a team that can walk" toward reform and adjustment is essential in the country, and as pointed out that Iraq "possesses strengths than weaknesses," said the conduct of the government about " the proper construction."

According to "obelisk" sources among the groups that are preparing to sit between the followers of the Sadrist movement, said the directives issued to them by the leaders of the mainstream sit, whatever the cost, in an escalation threatens to invade the Green Zone, and lead to security and political turmoil.

As reported security sources for "obelisk" The government instructed the security forces to respond firmly to any violation of the law, and to prevent any armed appearances, or events leading to insecurity and the interests of disabled people, and without prejudice to the work of the state and its institutions.

According among the Sadrist movement, the orders were issued to them should be ready to withstand any loss of life, if I got the clashes, which means that the Sadrists decided to confrontation, despite the fact that it is a violation of the laws and the Constitution.

According to the polls that many Iraqis believe that the sit-in, will lead to security and political chaos in the country.

The results of Karbala, a meeting which was attended by members of the "National Alliance", which was held on 06 March 2016 in Karbala, to support Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi plan to carry out a cabinet reshuffle and the fight against corruption, it has fallen into the chest to take the decision to sit in front of the green, and the threat Bajtaahaa.

The political forces seeking to invest in the sit-ins to pressure the government, and tamed for the benefit of its objectives, and besieged the prime minister options, so you can political blocs and parties to make government decisions at your will.