Supreme Council calls for an urgent meeting of the National Alliance

17/03/2016 18:01

BAGHDAD / obelisk: The Supreme Islamic Council, on Thursday, to "an urgent meeting" of the forces of the National Alliance in order to find quick solutions for "serious danger", in what was seen as the government introduced as "not up" to the demands of the public.

The council said in a statement, said that "under the current difficult circumstances experienced by our beloved and serious challenges experienced by our experience of democracy, and in response to the call of unity and sit faith in God strong, and the need to unite efforts in fighting the enemy hateful of atonement and terrorism Aldaasha, and in support of the paths reforms advocated by religious good reference and the throats of the masses, and the affirmation of the obvious by appealing to Mtbuniatna the language of reason and wisdom and dialogue positive in solving the problems between the allies and partners, we call on all brothers and partners home and march to the official stand about what is and deal seriously with the events of the stage and their secretions. "

The Council stressed that "the claim reforms have become a legitimate and popularly It is not a luxury intellectually nor material for logos or bids and introduced by the government so far does not rise to the demands of the public," stressing the importance of "dealing with the reforms commensurate with their importance and consistent with the necessity and urgency."

He said the Council, that "demonstrations and peaceful sit-ins to achieve these reforms are a popular right and the practice of democracy guaranteed by the Constitution and the law in known contexts therefore stress the need for the survival of these renderings and practices in the proper legal framework and tracks required, and fortify the subduction malevolent and with purpose counter," and urged devices security that "caring for citizens' rights and public interests and maintain these practices."

The Council stressed "the importance of clear the air and to exercise wisdom while dealing with current events and to avoid any type of ads that will provoke escalation and aggravation, especially since poor security, political and economic conditions of the country, which is no secret," and called for "an urgent meeting of the forces of the National Alliance for the to find quick solutions to what we're seeing a serious threat to national cohesion and raises concerns of the Iraqi street, and the general partners of the national space betting on all the wisdom, unity and cohesion of this important alliance, which is a cornerstone in the political process. "