Urgent ... team - Asadi's {Euphrates News}: finished editing Mohammadi area today

2016/3/17 8:20 12 visits readable

{Anbar: Euphrates News} said anti-terrorism commander Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi said "the security forces to combat terrorism will end device Edit Mohammadi area today."
He said al-Asadi told {Euphrates News} that "the security forces to combat terrorism device poised to break into the Al-Muhammadi area, and edited Aldoaash", pointing out that they "completed editing the outskirts of the region."
He pointed to "the existence of resistance in the region, where security forces are able to address them and kill Aldoaash."
He was commander of the counter-terrorism apparatus has announced yesterday for the special military operation starting editing Mohammadi area of ​​Aldoaash.anthy 55