Consultant Abadi: Bremer decisions facilitated the operations of corruption in the Central Bank

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister warned the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Monday, of the existence of the parallel state of the state, in preparation for the transition to a post - Daash and after the drop in oil prices, while stressing that the decisions issued by the civil administrator Paul Bremer has facilitated the operations of corruption and bleeding hard currency from country.

Saleh said in an interview for the "long", " the Central Bank has taken gradual steps to legalize the sale of dollar operation and control of the overall amounts transferred abroad."

he emphasized the benefit of the "free market system allows for individuals and businesses hard currency transfer abroad for the import of essential goods and services the core of the country. "

He said that" some of the decisions issued by the civil administrator Paul Bremer, which is for the central bank and its abolition own department control over the transfer of funds abroad facilitated the processes of corruption and bleeding hard currency from the country. "
He said the " heading to adjust the work of financial institutions and government by abolishing some paragraphs contained in the agreements with the international Monetary Fund and which prevent Iraq from the legalization of money transferred abroad and know the sources and methods of funding. "

He continued economic adviser to" step edit balance of payments since 2004 had approved transfer money to overseas operations under the pretext of importing a variety of consumer products , but it is in fact a great outlet for money laundering by the corrupt. "

in a related development, Saleh said in a statement received" long " a copy of" the existence of the roots of parallel state that will grow that the reform has not been achieved, based on the three ways. First , the parallel market , which is not controlled by and is one of the most dangerous market types , internally and externally, and its market is legal , which include speculative currency and smuggling. "

He added that" the second point is parallel to the law, of the expansion of tribal forces that enforce own system in the community away from the power of the judiciary and the law, what people subjected to that parallel law. "

He continued that" the most dangerous aspects third, is the parallel government which is Bjpayat corruption, where the rotten collects money on behalf of the authority, as is the presence of weapons outside the authority of the state who created an army parallel to the regular army, as well as parallel media, of the media powers fugitive seeking to destroy the state and its authority. "

the head of the economic and investment commission in parliament Jawad al - Bolani, said Thursday (February 11, 2016), that the financial and monetary situation in Iraq is " controlled ", and pointed out that the central bank made ​​plans and initiatives are important for achieving the development goals, as called for "serious cooperation to overcome the current stage."

he said the Iraqi Central Bank said in a statement, received a (long - Presse) copy of it, "chairman of the Committee on economy and investment Jawad Bolani visited, the central bank briefed on the actions and measures taken by the bank , " asserting that "Bolani pointed out that the financial and monetary situation of Iraq is controlled."

The statement quoted Bolani as saying: "We found plans and initiatives of the task of the central bank to achieve its objectives, including the development goals , " calling for " a serious and constructive cooperation to overcome the current stage." it is

noteworthy that the country is witnessing a crisis since the financial decline in global oil prices , which reached $ 23, but later increased to about $ 30, which significantly affected the situation in Iraq.