Prime Minister: Reform may not be everyone's responsibility to stay in the government and stand up against it

He stressed Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, yesterday, his commitment to the implementation of reforms, stressing the need for the cooperation of all the political blocs to submit their technocrats to fill the ministerial positions.
He Abadi rejection of any party be involved in the government but stand against the government, pointing to provide adequate support for regulatory agencies judiciary to prosecute corruption and corrupt.
the Prime Minister sent a "close reforms" to the political blocs to express an opinion on them, inviting them to submit their nominations of technocrats within a deadline on Wednesday. He said al - Abadi, in ( the ninth of March current), the cabinet reshuffle core will soon be calling the blocks to provide ministers professionals names and qualified to fill ministerial portfolios.
The Prime Minister said in a speech broadcast on state television Monday evening, and followed up (range), "we accomplished a reform document It was presented to the political blocs and the public and the media, "adding that" the document is a platform and a clear roadmap and program of action to overcome the security, economic and societal challenges. "
He added Abadi" We give the parliamentary blocs and the activities of the community a whole week to submit their candidates for ministerial positions from them and from other professionals technocrats on according to the terms and conditions stated and standards. " And expired deadline set by the Prime Minister to take over candidates blocs cabinet reshuffle, without showing the political parties and interaction with the clear Abadi project for "substantive amendment". Attribute deputies blocs reluctance to send their lists of candidates to Abadi, to two reasons:
first, includes a dispute over the return to the points system that will determine the size of the political blocs in the cabinet reshuffle. The second lies in the ambiguity of the Prime Minister demanding that blocks the nomination of ministers of the ministries of the project are ignorant of nature.
In light of the continued differences over the cabinet reshuffle mechanism, the rule of law suggest that extends the horizon of the prime minister until last month. The Prime Minister expressed his aspiration in the next stage to "clarity in attitudes Flaimkn be is with the reform and I share in reform, not acceptable for any party to be involved in the government which is against the government at the same time." He stressed Abadi , that "reform is not an individual responsibility or factional it is a national duty and a legitimate and humanist, anti - corruption efforts can not be successful only with the participation of everyone .. citizens and institutions and the media."
He said the prime minister , "we have provided and continue to provide necessary and direct support to the work of the regulatory and judicial organs The integrity Commission and the inspectors general financial control and all of the judges to enable them to open the files of corruption and prosecuting corrupt without any fear or discrimination. " The Abbadi said that " the priority remains to sustain the fight against the terrorist Daash until the final victory , " adding that "efforts should be focused to strengthen military and security effort and continue to victories impressive in all breakers of confrontation and editing operations."
The Prime Minister 's view that "any side issue no matter how important , may not be distractions for the perpetuation of the existential battle that we are waging against terrorism effort, "he said , " It is not permitted to relinquish the sacrifices and the blood dear martyrs and the wounded, and to Anhml our fighters heroes more than they bear are making in their defense of the homeland and the people in the fronts and inside the cities , where dealing with terrorism , which is looking for opportunities the loss of innocent souls and destroy everything. " In another context, Abadi said : " We renew our call to the continued commitment Bslmah demonstrate and to cooperate with the security forces charged with protecting the demonstrators in addition to other duties."
He said the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces , "we renew our directives to your brothers in the security services to do their best to protect citizens and demonstrators and public security in Baghdad and the provinces, and to Ataathaon in addressing any armed appearance of breaking the law and disrupt the private and public interests. " He stressed " the importance of respect for the law and abide by the instructions of the competent security agencies in terms of where and when to pretend including security of citizens and state institutions are not endangered."
The government has declined, in a statement published yesterday, " to allow for the establishment of sit - ins and added the government statement is not allowed according to the law establishing the sit - ins security conditions and the threat of terrorist groups and the possibility of targeting. "
preparing the Sadrists on Friday to start a sit - ins in front of the green Zone gates, it called its leader , Muqtada al - Sadr.
In another aspect of his speech televised live Abadi , " the steadfastness of Taza and stubble Bashir who had been attacked sinner coward of before the criminal gang Daash toxic substances that have been used against civilians. " And saw the prime minister said "Daash wanted to broadcast the horror message to compensate for big defeats in Anbar and Samarra , and in anticipation of confirmed and final defeat in Mosul , which have prepared the kit to clean it in the near future with the help of God."
Ebadi said , "our pledge to you yesterday liberalization of provinces and cities usurped Daash, has been fulfilled Bahdna, and we will continue editing operations until the final victory. " He concluded , "We also pledge to you to achieve reforms, and we promise that we will not retreat and will not deter us about the difficulties and obstacles and anti campaigns."