Tamimi vowed to expose the corruption of files at the foreign, transport and financial

He confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, Wednesday, that the files of corruption, which is owned and estimated at 100 file were referred to a part of the judiciary, while the other files will be in the coming period delivered to the Commission on Public Integrity.
She said Tamimi's / balances News /, that he "has the assignment of a section of corrupt files to the courts and on the Ministry of Electricity and the Iraqi Trade Bank (TBI)", saying he "will be other files delivered immediately after the formation of field teams own body integrity and specialized receipt of the files related to specific issues." .
She added, "It will be in the next phase delivery of files related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Transport and Finance, but after hauling all the files that I own now."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed the need to eliminate corrupt whatever their positions, calling for a real revolution against corruption and the opening of major corruption files.